IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-11-07

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Romstercan this be closed?
RomsterFS#1029 - include dosfstools in ISO07:05
jueRomster: indeed, we forgot to close the ticket, thx10:33
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jaegeranything significant for 3.2 happen while I was gone? Where are we currently?14:21
jueno, not really, I'd say 3.2 is stable right now14:30
juerunning it on my laptop and netbook without problems14:31
juegcc 5.3 was promised for October, dunno if we should wait for it14:38
jueIIRC we had one problem with 5.2?14:38
jaegersome bug that affected wine and -O2 builds, not sure what else it might affect14:39
jueah yeah, right, that was it14:39
frinnstI dont think we should wait - there will always be something else on the horizon14:41
frinnstand the gcc thingy with wine can be worked around by forcing -Os or something in the port. Granted, very ugly but imo we should get 3.2 out the door14:41
jueok, my thoughts as well14:42
frinnstRomster: thoughts on the wine issue?14:42
juewell, looks like it's time for me to prepare a first ChangeLog for 3.2 ;)14:43
juedone :)15:06
frinnstso, whats left? build a new iso with the latest stable kernel and ports tree ?17:01
jueyes, sounds like a plan. Let's call it first rc4 and rename it to 3.2 if everything goes well.17:08
jaegerok, I'll get that started today. are the docs and changelog all ready?17:08
juewell, the handbook is more or less the same as the one we ship with 3.1 but s/3.1/3.2/17:12
jaegerany last 3.2 merges to do? :)17:12
jueChangeLog is up-to-date now17:14
jaegerI'll update the ISO kernel to 4.1.12 as well17:14
jueno it isn't, frinnst did another commit 5 sec. ago :)17:15
frinnstim done now :>17:16
juebut no a issue because we don't ship the ChangeLog with the ISO17:16
frinnstIm off for some mindless gaming17:18
juehave a look at our ReleaseNotes, please17:19
jaegeroh, we should remove the hotplug event helper from /sbin/start_udev17:19
jaegerand the kernel config17:19
juesorry, which part of /sbin/start_udev?17:22
jaegerlines 19 & 20. or if we want to be careful/accomodating, wrap it in an if; then17:23
jaegerbecause CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER shouldn't be used anymore17:23
jueah ok, get it now17:24
jaegerwe forced it to be empty but it should be disabled these days17:24
jaegerso maybe "if [ -e /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug ]; then \ echo > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug; \ fi" or just remove the 2 lines altogether17:24
jueI'd suggest to remove them17:25
jaegernothing else in our rc scripts should mess with it17:25
jaegershould be safe17:25
jueok, will do17:26
jue... and done17:28
jaegerI suppose I should also add UEFI notes to the handbook now that it's "officially supported"... the problem is that there are so many options17:35
jaegerteK__: did you get a chance to test elilo while I was gone?17:35
jaegerIf elilo is working now I would use that as the UEFI bootloader choice in the handbook17:38
jaegerthe release notes look ok to me, I'll add a line about UEFI support being available now17:53
frinnstagreed, looks just fine18:41
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jaegerweird, first bootstrap failed due to a corrupted eudev package but it was fine after a rebuild22:03

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