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Romsterjue, frinnst jaeger eh just realease it /after/ all ports have the man pages moved to the /usr/share/man on the iso. we should get all the man pages moved before crux 3.2 iso is made.07:10
Romsteras long as we update gcc when it is finally released.07:12
Romsteri don't wanna deal with un-ideal optimization in wine indefinitely for crux 3.207:12
jueRomster: no, we will not wait for that, currently, meaning for 3.2, both locations are valid and we will finish the move slowly07:41
jueRomster: sure, we always do the update to bugfix release of gcc07:42
Romsterwell i've done mine except for wine in opt.08:05
Romsterwhich isn't on the iso anyways08:06
Romsterone other thing should we put firmware for wifi cards on the iso?08:07
jueI'm against it, it blows up the ISO considerable08:09
Romsteri guess those that want it will have to jump on another device or drag it over to a lan cable then.08:10
Romstercrux made easy -_-08:11
jueno, that's not the point, CRUX always had and will have it's rough edges and as long as everything is doable ...08:12
juebut it's not alone my decision, if the others see that differently we can add the firmware package, sure08:18
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Romsteri guess i only would consider the wifi firmware not the entire firmware for everything.08:50
crash_Yes please add the wifi firmware to the iso, so it's easier to get started without the hassle of getting firmware from another device and such.09:28
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frinnstwe need to look over the firmware situation anyways i think but imo its too late for 3.2 now..09:48
frinnstelse it will never be completed09:49
frinnstthe 3.2 iso has already grown too much from 3.1 :)09:50
crash_hehe that is true, but anything under 700mb.iso is small in my mind. i don't think adding the firmwares will add that much more space anyway.09:57
juefrinnst: I agree, it's too late for 3.2 now10:17
jueI'd like to see the release asap10:17
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dlcusaIs some version of the patches I filed for the Handbook on schedule for the next (final rc) or is that for 3.3?10:26
juedlcusa: sorry, didn't looked at your patches10:40
juedlcusa: and will not have the time to do the next days10:40
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jaegerRomster: ok, I put a landing page on crux.ninja14:14
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