IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-11-10

jaegerlooks like it might have broken the ati and nouveau drivers01:51
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juethe nouveau driver has not been updated since a long time, guess we should try a checkout from the nouveau repo instead08:24
juewill try that08:25
juenouveau from git builds fine and seems to work as well08:45
juewill commit it later08:45
juebut I have no idea about the ati driver ;)08:46
frinnstoh man09:06
frinnstyeah ati is lagging behind too09:06
frinnsti run the git version at home09:06
frinnstguess we could roll tarballs from git?09:06
jueyeah, we did that already for intel09:18
jueok, pushed09:28
frinnstshould not be too long before they push new releases09:28
frinnstare you able to push ati too? i cant until tonight09:28
juemaybe later today, I've to run now09:29
frinnstno worries09:29
frinnstjust pushed the latest git version, if you want to start another bootstrap jaeger :-)12:22
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jaegerok, started15:12
frinnstcan you tag the repos?15:25
jueI'll do15:30
juejaeger: sorry, but shouldn't we use a newer kernel than 4.1.10?15:42
frinnstyeah 4.1.10 is broken15:46
frinnstiirc the issue was fixed in .1115:46
frinnst.13 was released yesterday15:46
jaegerI'm using 4.1.12 currently15:49
jaegerI'll tested .13 before uploading the ISO15:49
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