IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-11-11

jaegerrc4 uploading to the usual spot, please test :)01:03
jaegerETA 13 minutes01:03
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juejaeger: thanks, will test, even though I'm out of town until Sunday08:02
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frinnsthm, vmware doesnt seem to want to boot from it08:27
frinnsthopefully a pbcak08:28
frinnstyeah it booted a uefi vm08:30
frinnstpro tip: tick "connect at power on"08:31
frinnsthm. maybe we need to document that we've moved various fs-progs to opt in the release notes?08:36
frinnston new installs; if a user creates a xfs, btrfs, whatever / and only installs core - he/she wont be able to mount it during boot08:37
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jaegerfrinnst: probably a good idea. I need to add some UEFI wording to the handbook and release notes anyway before the release14:32
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jaegerteK__: elilo does work for me on a host that was upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2... I'll try to test a fresh install from ISO next18:00
jaegerargh, more updates after a fresh ISO install? :P18:37
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jaegerteK__: no luck with elilo on a fresh 3.2 install, still doesn't work20:54
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