IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-11-16

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jaegerhey, welcome back15:45
juethanks :)15:50
jueis everything fine or did I miss something important?15:51
frinnstthe sky is falling!16:20
frinnstnah, all good man :>16:20
frinnstsaw there's a new wget out but I havent tested it16:21
jaegernothing much has changed while you were gone16:21
frinnstafaik the only "issue" is the elilo thing with 3.216:23
jaegerAnyone talk to teK____ recently? He's here but seems to be mostly AFK16:23
juesorry, no16:32
juesorry, I'm still using lilo and cannot help with elilo but I think we shouldn't delay our release because of it16:40
jaegerMy suggestion would be to replace elilo with grub2-efi on the ISO, then16:46
jaegerI'm not happy with shipping a known-broken package16:46
jueI agree16:47
juebesides that rc4 seems to work fine, I used it on my laptop the last days and just did an update of my netbook with it, no problems16:50
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jaegerI can either swap grub2-efi in for elilo and run a new bootstrap with packages otherwise unchanged, or run a new one with updates, since there have been a few that would affect the ISO (gtk3, mesa3d, xorg-xf86-video-ati at least)16:57
jaegerthe latter would be my preference16:57
jueyeah, the later sounds better17:00
juehopefully this will be our last build for 3.2 ;)17:02
juefrinnst: ?17:04
jueyour opinion?17:12
juejaeger: I'd say we go with a build that includes updates, please give me a sign if you start the build and I'll tag the repos18:00
jaegerjue: I'm on a call now but after taht I'll move grub2-efi from contrib to opt and I'll let you know when I'm ready to start the bootstrap18:11
frinnstsorry, I agree the latter is the cleanest option18:41
frinnstI dont use uefi personally so I dont have a strong opinion on the matter :)18:42
jaegerI wouldn't have any problem leaving elilo there but so far I've been unable to find a fix18:50
jaegergrub2-efi is at least in a working state18:50
frinnstI dont think its worth spending too much time on elilo since it seems abandoned upstream18:51
jaegeragreed; I was just wanting to give it the benefit of the doubt, so to speak, especially if teK____ had it working18:53
jaegerjue: ok, moved grub2-efi to opt, I'm ready to run the bootstrap any time.18:58
juejaeger: great, please start, I'll tag the repos later today19:01
jaegerok :)19:04
jaegerok :)19:08
jaegerit's double-ok!19:08
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teK____teK lost his granny and is off to munich until thursday night. Can test on Friday, double promise..20:54
jaegerteK____: sorry to hear it :(21:05
teK____it's okay :)21:08
frinnstfunerals suck21:41
teK____they do21:46
teK____but it was time for her to go.21:46
teK____it made things easier after the funeral; we have had time to say good bye for the last 3-4 years21:47
jaegerthat's good, at least21:53
teK____what I wanted to say is, that it was not as hard as losing a mother...21:54
frinnstwell, it was time for her to go too22:00
frinnstlife long illness + liver cancer22:01
frinnst fun stuff22:02
teK____life can be a tough son of a bitch22:02
frinnstyep. hug your family often22:03
teK____will do.22:21
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teK____frinnst: do you use autodefrag on btrfs and did it increase/decrease performance?23:32

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