IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-11-17

jaegerRomster: gtkmm needs "-std=c++11" added to CXXFLAGS in 3.201:14
Romsterdone, thanks for that. is it at C++14 now?01:55
jaegerno problem. No idea there, sorry02:34
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jaegerrc5 is uploading, ETA 4.5 minutes05:53
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frinnstteK____: no, not currently07:00
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juea fresh install of my desktop with rc5 is mostly done, no issues so far18:18
juewell, there's one issue: nvidia doesn't work with our new xorg-server18:19
jaeger352.63 should fix that, I think18:24
juewill try18:25
jueyep, 352.63 works :)18:33
jaegerthanks for testing :)19:17
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