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Romsternvidia is at 352.63 now.01:54
jaegerIt's already updated in 3.201:57
Romsterbut not in 3.101:57
Romsterdoes it work with 3.1 xorg ?01:58
Romsteri haven't had time to move to 3.2 yet01:59
jaegerprobably but I haven't got a 3.1 machine running nvidia to test currently01:59
Romsterand i'm not done with all my packages for 3.201:59
jaegerIf you want to copy it from 3.2 and test it I'll push the update01:59
Romsterah guess i'll be the gunnie pig then01:59
Romsteri'm going to stay on 3.1 a bit longer as i migrate and test packages.02:00
jaegerI could test it on my skylake box, that'd be fairly easy. Just make another VM like the gaming one02:00
Worksteri'll test it after work02:25
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dlcusajaeger, that's much more clear now--thanks!02:31
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jaegerno problem, thanks for checking it :)02:48
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frinnst[Mesa-announce] [ANNOUNCE] mesa-demos 8.1.008:35
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jueFYI, slackware just swithed to eudev11:27
jueok, the merge from opt 3.1 into 3.2 worked, so it looks like that my fix for the wrong merge was kinda correct11:52
frinnsti'll always have love for slackware :)12:18
frinnstjue: how did you end up fixing it? might be good to write it down in a cheat-sheet for future reference12:19
frinnstIm sure it will happen again12:20
juefinally it wasn't a big deal, see here
juethe key point was the hard reset you had suggested12:27
juebut I'm pretty sure that a git guru would do in a better way ;)12:28
frinnstIm not sure what I should have done on my side after the reset when fetching12:33
frinnstI had a warning that the branch had diverted.. but i chickened out and copied opt.git from a btrfs snapshot from the day before :)12:34
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juejaeger, frinnst: do you have the time to do the relase today?15:07
frinnstNot this evening, no15:13
frinnsttomorrow would be ok for me15:13
frinnstor sunday15:13
frinnstbut feel free to release without me :-)15:14
juewe are not in hurry :)15:17
juesunday would be ok for me, or even tomorrow afternoon15:34
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