IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-11-22

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frinnstlet me know when you're available jue13:32
juefrinnst: now ;)13:38
juejaeger: just downloaded 3.2 final and verified that it's possible to boot and update from it13:39
frinnstso whats the next step? iirc you guys always do this - im a bit lost :)13:59
jue1. copy the image to our master servers14:03
jue2. update the front page of crux.nu14:03
jue3. write an ANN to the mailing list14:03
juethat's all, I think14:04
frinnstright, I guess the torrent etc come later14:04
jueyeah, I forgot the torrent14:04
frinnstafk for some quick food, brb14:05
frinnstyummy, back :>14:10
juefor step 1 we need jaeger and/or teK____14:14
frinnstwhere can I find the changelog?14:17
jueit's in iso.git14:19
jueI'll fix the release date14:20
frinnstAlso we should tag the repos14:22
frinnst3.2 is the same as 3.2-rc5 sans some documentation fixes, right?14:23
frinnsti'll do that then14:24
frinnstrepos tagged. guess i have to push something for the tags to also be pushed14:32
jueno, just do a 'git push --tags'14:33
frinnstah, done14:34
juesame for iso.git14:35
frinnstmanaged to fuck up a core tag when attempting to annodate it14:39
frinnstno major issue, just looks ugly and lame :)14:39
jueyou can overwrite the existing tag with -f14:42
juebut it doesn't matter whether the tag is annotated or not14:44
jueI've updated the download page already14:45
jueguess we have to wait now for jaeger14:46
jueour Timeline shows commits to 3.2 now15:56
juedefault HEAD for core.git, opt.git and xorg.git is 3.2 as well, important only for gitweb15:59
jaegerBeen really busy the last few days, sorry. So I need to upload the ISO to my mirror and make a torrent?16:22
jueyeah, please do16:29
jaegerok, working on it16:34
jaegerok, torrent is uploaded to the usual spot16:42
jaegerAnd both ISOs are uploaded to the mirror now16:52
jaegerafk a bit again17:01
juefrinnst: you made a nice ANN for 3.1, I think we should reuse it for 3.2 ;)17:12
frinnsthehe feel free to copy&paste it17:18
frinnstbut its your turn this time! :)17:18
jueNews on updated too17:29
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juewell, I'd say it's done for now :)17:54
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pitillocongrats! good job :)21:27
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frinnstfound some minor bugs in the docs - fixed in the wiki21:41
frinnstand nothing too major to worry about21:41
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