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Romsterwget builds against libidn and if you later remove opt/libidn core/wget gets broken.11:24
Romsterin crux 3.211:24
Romsterdidn't test in 3.111:24
juewhy should it be different in 3.1?11:28
Romsterprobably wont be but i didn't test it. but i assume it'll be the same deal.11:31
Romsterall i said was i didn't test in 3.1, how does that mean it'll be any different in 3.111:37
Romsteranyways if this is normal behavior, disregard it.11:38
juewell, I'd say it's the normal behaviour to link against optional libs, the question is whether we should explicit disable it or not11:46
Romsteri'll leave that to you to decide i just reported what i found.11:49
Romsterit's not like a big issue, rebuild wget and it's good again.11:50
Romsterand we have revdep and it's not a distro for new users as much as experienced. but the question remains should core ports optionally link against ports outside of core?11:51
jueprobably better not, but I do not have a strong opinion on that12:20
juebtw, just saw that we've to fix the deps of wget12:21
rmulldo crux developers tend to step in and handle contrib updates if they are available and the contrib maintainer is MIA?12:46
pitillormull: I doubt it, most when contrib isn't an official collection12:57
frinnstrmull: not really. we just list them as orphaned and hope someone steps up to maintain it14:06
frinnstfeel up to it? :)14:06
rmullI'm not sure this is a case of orphaned ports14:09
rmullWas just curious about whether contrib ports are a community effort or not14:10
rmullFor example, I see patches posted to the contrib flyspray tracker, but it doesn't look like anyone will touch them unless they are the maintainer14:11
frinnstyeah nobody but the maintainer will/should touch it14:15
frinnstunless the maintainer has asked for help obviously14:16
rmullOkay, cool, thanks14:25
rmullOh, actually it looks like nginx is on the orphan list. That doesn't seem proper for one of the leading httpds, does nobody use nginx on crux?14:33
frinnstlighttpd here14:35
frinnstI think we could really use more contrib and opt maintainers. many have left and not many new has joined :/14:36
frinnstrmull: also, if you want to join - remember we have cookies!14:36
frinnstand milk14:36
frinnstalso cake14:36
frinnstand lemonade14:37
rmullIf you're short on personnel, I don't mind lending a hand14:39
rmullAre you referring to push access+14:40
frinnstoh mike_k is inactive14:40
frinnstnginx is listed as an orphaned port14:41
rmullYeah, I saw14:41
jaegerI could take nginx, I use t14:41
frinnstrmull: maybe you could think about it and perhaps write down a list of ports you'd like to maintain14:42
frinnstrmull: yeah, git push access :-)14:43
rmullfrinnst: Truthfully I'm not dying for commit access or anything. I used to have my own small repo but it was nice to know that nobody was really depending on thorough testing or anything.14:43
rmullSo I'd only want to help out if you guys really need it14:43
jaegerI'll take nginx, pv, and acpid from the orphaned list if nobody objects15:02
jaegerand psycopg215:02
frinnstrmull: any other port you feel is outdated?15:07
rmulllibtorrent and rtorrent (those are teK____'s)15:08
frinnsti've poked him about those but he's been a bit afk due to personal issues15:08
rmullYeah, I've seen his situation on IRC, it's too bad15:09
rmullI opened a flyspray issue, I'm sure he'll get around to it when he gets a chance. Other than that I've got nothing else to report15:10
frinnstgoodie. anyways if you find some other port that is unmaintained that you could consider maintaining just let us know15:12
rmullThanks, will do15:12
pedjaopenntpd needs an update (5.7.p4 is current).I opened fs#1226 a while back.16:08
pedjaI could make a proper git patch if you are interested, I have been using it for quite some time now.16:11
juepedja: ever tried chrony?16:20
pedjano, i used ntp for a while16:21
juemight be worth a try ;)16:23
rmullpedja: I tried it briefly16:28
rmullBut it didn't "just work" in the same way openntpd does, and I didn't spend time setting it up so that it workde16:28
rmullI would be interested in hearing if you get it working well16:29
juermull: what was the problem?16:39
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rmulljue: It didn't change my clock16:41
rmull(but I got distracted and didn't try very hard to make it work)16:41
rmullI was hoping I could just drop it in like an ntpd replacement16:42
juethat should definitely work16:45
juehave you tried to use chronyc to find the problem?16:45
rmullNo, and I would try it right now but I forgot to restart sshd on my crux machine after my libressl update :\16:46
pedjaIf I knew about cookies and lemonade as perks, i would've applied for contrib ages ago :)17:18
pedjajue: my openntpd port works fine, but I'll check out chrony.17:19
frinnstnot too late :)18:08
frinnstyou did a good job in the x86_64 days so :)18:08
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pedjafrinnst: tbh, you did most of the work on that :).But, I might open Bitbucket account and push some ports and pass repos there.18:53
pedjabtw, password-store as password manager is awesome18:54
pedjashell+gpg, what more do you need for geek nirvana18:54
pedjahow do I use git driver for ports(8)?in $REPO_NAME.git as a collection use path to $REPO.git?And that's it?19:01
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jaegerregarding the nginx FS task, I'd just replace it with my local nginx version which does not use perl20:59
jaegermy nginx port is trimmed down from the contrib version21:00
jaeger <-- the Pkgfile and .footprint21:05
jaegerwhich I've just noticed needs its log dir's perms fixed, heh21:06
jaegerer, no. that's an old version. Where the heck did I put the fixed one? /sigh21:11
jaeger <-- that one21:15
frinnstyeah password-store is epic22:01
frinnstlooks good jaeger22:02
jaegeryeah, pass is awesome. I've used it for a long time now, even got a couple of my new coworkers interested22:02
frinnstthere are a bunch of contributed scripts to import from other vaults too22:03
jaegerI currently cannot post to the ML due to being block by barracuda's RBL, heh22:12
jaegercan someone answer Dan Kociela that in 3.2 opt/nvidia is already at 352.63?22:13
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frinnstwill do22:25
jaegerThanks :)22:26
nomius_do you guys know when 3.2 is getting released?\22:32
frinnstthats a joke, right?22:33
nomius_HA! Sorry, I didn't see the site since yesterday morning22:34
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