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Romsteri'm still going though the ports i maintain.01:35
rmullIf we verify that a port builds with gcc but not with clang, what's the proper way to enforce that in a Pkgfile?02:18
rmullUsually what I do is I say CC=gcc prt-get -fr update portname on the commandline02:18
rmullDo I override CC from inside the Pkgfile before invoking the rest of the contents?02:19
rmullclang is in opt, so I don't think it's unreasonable to expect it might be on a system02:19
Worksterdoes it default to clang?02:26
rmullwebkit-gtk3 is the port in question - yes it does.02:27
rmullBtw, clang's scan-build is pretty neat. Just do 'scan-build make' instead of just 'make' and you get some nice static analysis performed at the same time as a build.02:30
rmulleasy as it gets02:30
rmullour clang doesn't seem to provide it though02:30
Worksterit should work with gcc 5 it idnd't on 3.1's older gcc02:39
Worksterbut i haven't got to that yet i got other things i'm checking first02:39
rmullUnfortunately I blew away the log file with the failure in it when I started my gcc rebuild, but I think it was complaining about some missing symbol02:40
Worksteri have docker containers of 3.1 and 3.2 here02:41
Worksterrmull, do you actually need webkit-gtk3 or webkitgtk webkit-gtk* are older versins for software that wont use the newer webkit API yet.02:57
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jaegeractually, going to skip acpid, I don't think I actually use that anymore03:16
jaegerthe duplicate emails thing is annoying, heh03:28
rmullWorkster: I use a webkit browser called xombrero when I need a non-firefox browser03:37
rmullI don't really follow you though - you're saying webkit-gtk3 can go away?03:37
jaegernginx is updated/replaced now03:39
rmulljaeger: woot03:40
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rmulljue: I have chrony up and running - I think what happened last time was that I was mislead by the readme in opt/chrony03:42
rmullMy configuration is much simpler03:50
jaeger39 seeders for 3.2 currently04:34
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juermull: thanks for the hint, will try to improve the readme08:49
frinnsttry windows time/ntp thingy if you want pain :)09:41
juechrony is very nice and easy to setup, I think my excursion wrt ntp/time protocol in the readme is more confusing than helpful09:49
juethe best thing about chrony is that it sync very fast and can deal very smooth with offline conditions09:50
juewell, it's one of my favorite pieces of softare ;)09:52
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Romsteri read some where (can't remember where) that ntp is a security risk)10:05
Romstersomething with passwords and timed attacks or something.10:05
frinnstnot having ntp is also a risk10:12
juehere's comment of the chrony maintainer ->
frinnstif you disregard exploits in the clients/servers, having unsynchronized clocks can cause all sorts of havoc10:13
pedjaI had an ntp client on my previous phone.I was never late anywhere.Sadly, most 'normal' people don't bother :(10:25
frinnstcant logon on a windows domain computer with the right password? check the system clock. etc :)10:26
pedjakerberos is picky :)10:26
frinnstout of retries on candy crush? change the system clock! :D10:27
pedjanow THAT'S an incentive to use ntp client10:33
pedjainteresting rain/snow combo outside10:35
pedjaand i need to go outside.grrr10:36
pedjaAfter using vmware for years, getting used to libvirt/virt-manager way of doing things interesting experience10:44
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Romsterhmm those might of been it.11:29
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frinnstdo you run it under crux, pedja ?12:16
frinnstiirc the packaging experience is horrible12:16
frinnstneed one dep? that dep needs 2 or 3 additional deps12:16
frinnstas do those12:17
frinnstuntil you have gnome-desktop installed12:17
frinnst:>12:17 took me a while to package ALL THE THINGS :)12:17
pedjabut it is worth it12:17
frinnstI ran it under rhel at work for a while12:17
frinnst3 or so years ago12:18
frinnstfelt very spartan back then12:19
frinnst  PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND12:20
frinnst 1429 elastic+  20   0 9910.3m 1.215g 208180 S 148.4 15.6   3597:36 java12:20
frinnstfuck java12:20
pedjaI was fed up with chasing yet another 'new kernel breaks vmware modules' patch on the intertubes, said 'how hard can it be', and done it :)12:20
pedjavirt-manager is cool for initial setup (xml is evil), virsh is pretty awesome12:22
frinnstI dont need any fancy things for my vm's at home so I just run them under qemu-kvm12:23
frinnstI use spice for a windows machine that I need to copy/pasta things to. works great12:23
pedjakvm should get 3d acceleration with that new VirtGL driver, right?12:25
frinnstno idea12:25
pedjaVirgil3D.check this out:
pedjait *should* be host graphics driver agnostic (both open source and nvidia binary blob would JustWork[tm] )12:29
rmullHere is a list of ports in opt that need mandir fixes for 3.2:
frinnsti've done all my ports iirc14:32
frinnstunless I missed something14:32
rmullCan we just do a big search/replace?14:32
frinnstoftentimes, yes14:32
frinnstbut its not always that straight forward14:33
rmullI'll let you guys decide what's best14:33
rmullThis is how I generated the list: grep -RF "mandir=/usr/man" | cut -d"/" -f1 | uniq | sort14:34
juermull: 3.2 is considered to be a transition release where both locations are valid, so we can do the move calmly15:57
juefrom a user point of view both locations are fine so we are not in hurry15:58
rmullSounds reasonable, didn't mean to come off as bothered by it, just trying to help15:59
jueyeah, thanks for that, just want to explain why we didn't do it with higher priority16:01
jueto keep the merges between 3.1 and 3.2 clean, I didn't do the move for my opt ports until now but will start the next days16:02
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deus_exusing dash as /bin/sh was a wise decision, I've never seen my ancient machine compile stuff this fast(ish) :)18:54
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