IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-11-28

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Romstercan someone edit cruxbot to send messages to #crux for both 3.1 and 3.2 branches05:06
Romsterand gitweb needs the default changed to 3.2 too05:06
Romsterthe later might have been done already05:07
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jueRomster: gitweb is on 3.2 since we released 3.208:01
Romsteryeah it was just the core and opt wiki links i already updated.08:02
Romstercruxbot is choking on something though08:02
Romsterlast push for qt5 and cruxbot went crazy08:03
Romsteralso good morning jue08:03
jueyeah, good morning Romster :)08:04
juewill try to change cruxbot08:06
Romsterno rush i think it's been pretty broken for awhile now.08:06
Romsteri'm slowly going though ports testing things.08:06
Romsterok contrib and compat-32 gitweb looks like those are on 3.1 still.08:23
juefixed now08:32
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