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frinnstI emailed Maximilian Dietrich (doom-something?) about a week ago to ask if he was still active01:40
frinnsthavent gotten a reply - hope he's alright01:40
frinnstbut I think we should be prepared for yet another contrib maintainer resigning01:41
mechaniputerI would be interested in maintaining a small number of contrib ports, if that helps. I'd only take ones that I actually use though.01:59
mechaniputerThis is not the ideal time for me to start, but in a few weeks I will have time for that sort of thing.02:00
mechaniputerOf his ports, afaik, I only use dwm and slock.02:00
Romsterwhy are we losing so many contrib maintainers :/02:05
mechaniputerDunno. Are we actually losing a lot, or are we not getting enough new ones? How many have we lost recently?02:08
Romsteri haven't been keeping track to be honest02:08
Romsterjust that i have picked up a ton of slack (picking up ports)02:08
mechaniputerDang, I just did a quick grep/wc... 265 sound about right?02:11
Romsterabout that02:14
Romsterand i think 15 in opt02:14
Romsterit's at the point, that i'll seriously consider what i use now and don't use anymore and drop those i don't use.02:15
Romsteri also keep an eye on xorg (sometimes) and do most of the port version bumps in compat-3202:16
Romsterjaeger, does the rest in compat-3202:16
mechaniputerOnce I start maintaining some contrib ports, should I look for a few to take from you?02:17
Romsteryou could list what your interested in maintaining and i'll either say yes or no to them.02:17
Romsteri basicly take care of audio/video codecs and gstreamer framework, boost and stuff like that.02:18
Romstergames in contrib i'd offer up to a better maintainer02:18
mechaniputerOk, sounds good. I have my own projects ongoing, but I definitely have enough time to take some ports. Especially if I happen to already use them, since that makes it easier to get it right.02:19
Romsteri sometimes have to wait on another to update a dependency port that i don't maintain.02:21
Romsteralso on another note i think i get criticized for too many deps on a port so i try to minimize those.02:22
Romster$ pkginfo -i |wc -l02:23
Romsteri use this to test with mechaniputer
Romstermade a shell script and i can do docker-start foo and do all the stuff in there.02:30
mechaniputerI'll try that out. I've seen you mention it before.02:32
Romsterlittle tip type bash in the docker container so you get PS1 and PS2 working correctly02:34
mechaniputerI've waited to mention it, but now seems like a good time to announce a little side project that I'll be starting next month during my time off.02:36
mechaniputerI would like to make a child distribution to CRUX with the aim of being a fully-free FSF-approved distro.02:37
Romsterget me 3d acceleration open source graphics02:37
Romsterthat works02:38
Romsteri'd love to get rid of nvidia binary blob02:38
mechaniputerI expect that my efforts will be helpful to CRUX as well, and I actually plan to be more involved here than in the past.02:38
Romsteras i run steam on linux and steam in wine02:38
mechaniputerI also run nonfree software, I'm no purist. But I see a gap in the FSF approved distros. None of them are really comparable to CRUX in being source-based and minimalist.02:39
Romstereh whats wrong in crux other than we offer some non free packages?02:41
mechaniputerAbsolutely nothing is wrong with CTUX, I intend to continue using it for a long time.02:41
Romsteri mean in the eyes of the FSF02:42
mechaniputerIt's just a hobby project, partly out of curiosity and a learning experience and partly because it's so easy.02:42
mechaniputerCRUX has a nonfree default kernel, offers some nonfree stuff, that's actually about it.02:43
Romsterwhat i meant was what parts of crux other than some non-free ports that don't abide to the FSF02:43
mechaniputerThat's why this project is so easy. The finished product will essentially still be CRUX.02:43
mechaniputerNothing ambitious, but there only a few active FSF-approved distros. This would be one more.02:47
mechaniputerBut mostly for the learning experience.02:47
mechaniputerAll due credit will be given to the CRUX maintainers, no worries there.02:48
mechaniputerWhat do you think, other than it accomplishing little more than providing an assurance of free software to the few that want that?02:50
mechaniputerI'm open to input and opinions.02:54
Romsteri'd say do it02:56
Romsteri did try to do a fork of crux called hvlinux but it's far too much work for 1 person. but that had more radical ideas and changes. like runit, and other things that crux would not agree on.02:57
mechaniputerAh, yes. I like runit too. But I'm planning this with minimal effort as a high priority. I will be automating the flow of specific ports from CRUX into what I think I'll name FRUX.02:58
Romsteri'd like to try finit next02:59
Romsterwhen i ever get around to it02:59
Romsteri'd say keep FRUX as close to CRUX as possible and only change what's required to pass FSF02:59
Romstermy 2 cents worth02:59
Romsterunless you got some more radical ideas to change things around. i'd like to hear about those.03:00
mechaniputerThat's my plan! Keep it simple. I will be automating as much of this as possible.03:00
mechaniputerI hope to be able to set FRUX on autopilot between releases for the most part.03:01
Romsteryou could use mpup and overlay changes if needed.03:02
Romsterin another ports tree.03:02
Romsterthat way most of crux's work will just work (tm)03:02
Romsteri'm heading out for awhile03:03
mechaniputerOk, seeya. Thanks for the advice.03:04
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teK____wrt 3.2, I took the liberty to adjust thge links of the portdb to point to 3.2 files, too17:46
jaegersounds good18:04
frinnstI love our channel after a new release :D18:29
jaegerheh, some amusing stuff comes up18:29
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teK____the rsync URLs need to be fixed though19:24
teK____will do in a sec.19:24
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teK____done.. dear xorg team members:22:47
teK____libepoxy is available as v1.3.1 at github and builds with the usual {configure,make{, install}} voodoo22:48
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frinnstfuck github23:13
teK____a little, yeah23:20
teK____stupid naming scheme23:20
teK____I wrote a feature request for making things better by default, btw23:20
teK____i.e. $name-$version.tar.gz, how sane people would do it23:20
teK____'we will look into it'23:21
frinnsthehe yeah I dont think they care one bit23:21
teK____from a bug report:23:22
teK____  install -m 644 -D doc/old/rtorrent.1.gz $PKG/usr/share/man/man1/rtorrent.1.gz23:22
teK____some (upstream) people are just plain stupid :)23:22
frinnstbtw dhcp 4.3.3 requires -j1 fyi23:23
teK____yeah I'm slowly iterating through my open bugs atm23:24
teK____instead of working :P23:24
frinnstand i have ssd scripts for dhcpcd and dhclient if you want to steal them23:24
teK____yeah.. I should fix a hell of a lot usr/share/man footprints, too23:24
teK____will report back wrt dhcp in a sec..23:24
teK____I am interested in the ssd scripts, frinnst, if you don't mind :)23:41
rmullteK____: Welcome back :)23:49
rmullJust fyi the rtorrent Pkgfile has a --mandir=/usr/man in it - make install doesnt install the manpage there, but it can go away23:50
teK____wrestling with spice and celt for just a little longer23:53
teK____I don't get ln(1)'s -t flag23:55

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