IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-12-01

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frinnstWorkster: as jue said, removing the ncursesw option in lynx allows it to build & run09:45
frinnstremember: without lynx and BASICS makes no fun!!09:45
Romsterncurses and things that use it are horribly broken at configure. ok removed that configure option on lynx10:10
Romsterit /was/ working with that option before 3.210:11
frinnstscrew your jaeger! :D10:21
Romsteri thoghta bout getting a crux.* name but eh10:22
Romstergot enough dns names now10:22
Romsteri don't think tek could handle yet another change of my domains :D10:23
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juejust found the time to look a bit deeper into the lynx/ncruses problem11:52
jueit's caused by the additional symlink we have from ncursesw/ncurses.h -> ..curses.h11:53
jueand here's the reason for the symlink ->
juewell, will try to find something ...11:58
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jaegerfrinnst: I almost bought that at the same time as but figured one was good enough :)14:54
rmullteK____: FYI, footprint weirdness on gegl:
frinnstgegl autodetects more or less everything. I think its almost impossible to get the same footprint on two different installs :-)15:55
frinnstjaeger: hehe15:55
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rmullfrinnst: Okay, thanks for the confirmation18:41
frinnststill, you shouldnt be missing anything if you have installed all deps20:11
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frinnstteK____: json-glib has MISSING manuals in a clean environment23:43
frinnstguess you have docbook/asciidoc or whatever installed?23:43

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