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Worksterfixed the footprints on json-glib and gegl in a clean image, so they won't have missing anymore.00:51
Worksteri reckon that ignore new might be nice as a default but then that leaves uses open to share/doc and other crap creeping in00:52
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Romsterahh this gcc 5.2.0 wont work with boost, boost compiles but then some things wont find boost. libtorrent-rasterbar and mkvtoolnix among two.07:58
Romstertryingot find the cause.07:58
Romsterchecking for boostlib >= 1.46.0... yes08:04
Romsterchecking whether the Boost::System library is available... yes08:04
Romsterconfigure: error: Could not find a version of the library!08:04
Romsterannoyng me how is it possible08:04
Romsterjust works in 3.108:04
frinnstwhat does config.log say?08:21
Romster#define HAVE_BOOST /**/08:38
Romster#define HAVE_BOOST_SYSTEM /**/08:38
Romsterand yet08:39
Romsterchecking whether the Boost::System library is available... yes08:39
Romsterdo i have to go abck to C11 or or something.08:40
Romsteri'm too mentally drained tonight to do this. and the sherches i've done so far have not unearthed anything.08:52
Romsterwhat ever problem boos tis having it's affecting at least 2 ports.08:53
Romsterpossibly more.08:53
Romsterand i've tried boost 0.57 0.58 and 0.5908:54
frinnstwhats with the mkv/matroska crap in the log? isnt this just a torrent client/library?09:01
frinnstoh, i thought this was from libtorrent :)09:02
jueRomster: FYI, I have one port that heavily depends on boost, ledger, and that builds and works fine on 3.209:22
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Romsterboost has many components, as you are probably aware of.10:38
juesure, just wanna say that we do not have a general issue with boost compiled with gcc 5.2 ...10:41
Romsteri'm just trying to figure out why i am having issues where previously was fine. this new gcc is more strict... it might even be the shell though i don't see an error for that.10:42
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Romsteri'll try new mkvtoolnix this version is prety old.10:45
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teK____frinnst, rmull will look into it tomorrow or at Friday. thx20:00
pedjayay, gimp won't build with gegl-0.3, it looks for 0.220:03
pedjasince only gimp depends on gegl, and the next version of gimp (2.10) will use gegl-0.3, could you downgrade the port in opt?20:11
teK____srsly wtf20:11
pedja"No package 'gegl-0.2' found" <---gimp configure20:15
frinnstI have a clean 3.2 kvm image if you want one, tek20:39
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teK____as if I could ever download it in finite time20:42
teK____both deutsche Telekom and Kabel Deutschand are fucking nusiances and do not deserve to be called ISPs when providing me with 100KB/s and 400KB/s bw20:42
teK____gotta go   .20:42
teK____(thanks though)20:42
teK____oh and the kabel thingy has been that way for 5 weeks now20:43
pedjaand DT is one of the potential buyers for my ISP.Oh, fuck :)20:44
frinnst1.8gb gzipped btw20:45
teK____those fucks simply are not exteding their BW capacities, so everybody is punished for everybody being online.20:45
teK____Oh and they are taking hostage hosters ,too. Hetzner charges you extra for a normal peering DT above the shitty, standard one20:46
teK____but politics/lawmakers are going to save us, right? :)20:46
frinnst<3 100/100mbit20:48
pedjaI am too old for *those* kind of fairy tales :)20:48
pedjafrinnst: vdsl?20:49
pedjaprobably not20:49
pedja100/2 is around 20 euros/month here20:50
teK____32/2 for 30 here20:54
teK____oh my evening just got 100% better :D21:05
teK____FX (of phenoelite) referenced systemd in hos keynote for HES 2015 on a slide:21:05
teK____the topic was hacking and its targets etc.. title of the slide: epic #fail for fame and followers21:06
teK____"replace a fundamental operating system design component because your ego wants it"21:06
teK____  "bonus point for being used by RedHat"21:06
pedjaBrian Cantrill(of Joyent/Solaris fame) had an excelent rant on that in an interview for BSDNow.21:10
teK____care to share the link? :)21:10
pedjanp.Enjoy, he is awesome :)21:12
teK____like Theo? ;)21:12
pedjaAs in opinionated?yup :)21:13
teK____that is okay of you are not full of shit but full of sense ;-)21:14
pedjahe does have some valid points wrt NIH syndrome in Linux, and some other things21:14
pedjahis second interview is in ep.117, if you are interested.21:16
jaegerhe does have some great rants21:18
teK____gotta finish this keynote first ;)21:18
teK____think of DNS as a 1.6GB PCAP file based on the results of a 800MB ejaculation <--21:18
pedjaspeaking of ejucalation
frinnstpedja: fiber21:55
frinnstteK____: url?21:57
pedjafrinnst: nice.with that kind of speed, backup to TEH CLOUDS looks like a reasonable idea :)21:59
frinnstyuck, no22:02
pedjasince ipv6 is 'for businesses only/why do YOU want it, you, you,  HOME user' afa my ISP is concerned, I should be happy to have 2mbit upload :)22:02
frinnstyeah, we dumped that shit22:03
frinnstthank god for that22:03
pedjawhat do you do now, VPS's ?22:04
pedjaDigital Ocean/Vultr-like?22:04
frinnstyeah sort of, they are virtual but not in the sense that most VPSses are marketed22:05
frinnstno, not at all like those22:05
frinnstwe are pretty much a MSP22:05
frinnstso, outsourced IT department22:05
frinnstwe host servers and operate a isp22:06
jaegerwow, I just found an old CD with gentoo ppc 1.2 on it22:06
frinnstso most customers are local and are connected to the city fiber network and thus have a direct connection to our dc22:06
frinnstheh, what did you run that on? old mac?22:07
pedjacity fiber?I am curious, how big is the city?22:08
frinnstnot large at all22:09
frinnstmost swedish cities have their own fiber net22:09
frinnstthe plan in my town is to offer fiber to 98% of all citizens by 2020 or something22:10
pedjaof course they do :)22:10
frinnstso, even if you live on a farm out in nowhere you're supposed to have fiber22:11
pedjaI like your country.22:12
frinnstwhere my dad lives they will get community plumbing in two years for the first time. and they are laying fiber at the same time :)22:12
pedjaI like that idea that fast Internet is as basic human right as clean water is.22:20
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jaegerAnyone mind if I push a fix for openldap in 3.2 since sepen isn't around?22:51
teK____ironically, the retro console low pixel layout bumps the slide's size to 8MB ;)23:05
pedjaso, teK____, what about gimp and gegl?23:20
teK____21:00 < teK____> frinnst, rmull will look into it tomorrow or at Friday. thx23:20
teK____now I hilighted them again because of YOU :p23:20
pedjasorry :)23:20
frinnstI can revert gegl for you if you like23:24
frinnstit seems totally broken right now23:25
pedjaI reverted it locally, and I am building new gimp(2.8.16).23:32
teK____suddenly, dhcp commits23:35
jaegerI just did a merge from 3.1 to 3.223:35
jaegerdhcp was in that merge23:35
teK____in 3.1?23:35
jaegerThe make -j1 was in 3.123:36
jaegerSo it just got added to 3.2 with my merge23:36

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