IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-12-03

WorksterteK____, what uses gegl other than gimp?02:15
Worksteri can downgrade it for you02:16
brian|lfshello anyone around02:41
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rmullteK____: speaking of gegl/gimp, there is a 2.8.16 gimp out04:12
rmullWorkster: Can we get a youtube-dl bump? vimeo doesn't seem to work. 2015.03.09 -> 2015.11.27.1
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juefrinnst: shouldn't we add amdgpu to xorg?13:33
frinnstindeed. But I havent been comfortable doing it since I dont have any hardware to test with13:37
frinnstIm pretty sure my hardware isnt supported13:38
frinnstIf I could just find a good card thats not cooled with a fan13:40
juewell, I'd suggest to add it anyway. We never can test all available hardware drivers ;)13:42
jueanother thing, I'm running libinput as an alternative to evdev here, seems to work ok, should we add that too?14:20
frinnstcool, never played with that14:21
frinnstdidnt romster add libinput a while back?14:21
frinnstcant find it in the git log, must have dreamt it14:23
jueok, will add the ports later today14:53
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pedjaopenssl-1.0.2e is out(bugfix/security update)17:22
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jueinstall of 1.0.2e is broken ->
pedjaone would think that qc process for sw that is that widely used would be better.18:20
frinnstpanic release maybe? :)18:23
pedjaone issue was reported to them in august, one in early november.18:26
pedjathe problem is that they have no concept of *just* a security update, there always has to be more stuff :)18:26
pedjabut at that rate they would be at 1.0.2zzz now18:29
pedjamaybe they should switch to serbian latin, it has extra 4 letters :)18:31
pedjalatin alphabet minus qw plus š đ ž č ć d18:37
jueok, committed 1.0.2e with a simple sed to fix the issue above18:46
frinnstmd5sum missmatch here18:47
frinnstmaybe they reissued it? or did you forget to update?18:48
frinnstMISSING   2218c1a6f807f7206c11eb3ee3a5ec80  openssl-1.0.2e.tar.gz18:48
frinnstNEW       5262bfa25b60ed9de9f28d5d52d77fc5  openssl-1.0.2e.tar.gz18:48
jueno, I bet the first18:48
juecould you please try if it build without the sed18:49
frinnstbuilding now18:49
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/openssl#1.0.2e-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.18:51
jueok, sometimes we are too fast ;)18:52
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Worksterfrinnst, i think i tried libinput but hit a issue so i aborted the attempt23:12
Worksterwas probably to soon then (bleeding edge new) to add that.23:12
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