IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-12-04

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frinnstseems to be up again13:18
jaegerI didn't do it! :D14:24
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teK____to busy to screw things up atm :>16:26
juegcc 5.3 is out17:29
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frinnstyeah, rolling it now18:12
frinnst was the only interesting part from the build20:00
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Romsteris crux 3.2 getting gcc 5.3 ?22:55
Romsteri could test to see what compiles and does not.22:55
frinnstyeah i'd say so22:55
Romsterin a clean docker container.22:55
Romstersweet i'll start bumping gcc and do that.22:55
frinnstsince its "just" a pointrelease on the 5.x branch22:55
frinnstcould you try wine? since that was somewhat broken with 5.222:56
Romsteryeah i'll do that one first.22:56
frinnsti've upgraded to 5.3 too. but my plan is not to rebuild everything - since most users probably wont22:59
Romsterdoesn't got http for downloads?22:59
Romsteri am surprised some sites still offer ftp for downloads in this modern day.23:00
Romstersomeone has to test if stuff compiles.23:00 is accessible via http23:00
Romsterwhat do ya think of using http where possible instead of ftp?23:01
Romsterprobably no real benefit?23:01
frinnstdont think it matters much, no23:02
Romsterguess it's only a concern when you have to log into ftp with clear text passwords.23:02
Romsterwhere sftp aren't available23:02
Romstermy system built thunderbird failed on 3.1 too...23:03
Romsterneeds a freetype header fix23:03
Romsterundefined reference to `FT_Get_X11_Font_Format'23:03
frinnstuhm, both branches has the fix23:04
Romsterhmm ok then ports -u again23:07
frinnstsince a long time23:07
Romsterwelp if it won't build on my system i'll build it in a crux 3.1 docker image and then pkgadd -u it23:08
frinnstbuilding from 3.1 git to make sure im not lying :)23:09
Romsteri've also started downloading all source files for 3.2 to se what really is broken as that php script for url checker doesn't catch everything23:13
Romsterand i keep a mirror of files i use here so i don't usually notice that.23:13
Romster and i keep all the different hash versions so i can compare if any are different.23:14
Romstermust be late night time there frinnst ?23:24
frinnstand i'm about to pass out :)23:24
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/thunderbird#38.4.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.23:24
frinnstseems to work23:24
Romsterhmm still building it here with other stuff23:26
frinnstim off for some sleep23:26
Romsterlol i didn't get to bed until 2am23:26
Romsterlast night23:26
Romsterok g'night frinnst23:26

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