IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-12-05

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jaegerdamn it, how the hell is core/file not in the ISO environment?00:51
jaegerThat's extremely annoying since it does break nano00:51
jaegertc and arpd also won't work though I doubt anyone cares about those on the ISO00:53
Romsteroh what01:26
Romstersecretly build a new iso and update the sums :P01:27
Romsterand call it revision 2 internally but keep it as 3.201:27
Romsteralso i don't see where tcp_wrappers gets removed?01:28
Romsterafk lunch01:28
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frinnstmight as well08:46
frinnstcan even call it 3.2.108:46
frinnstbut 3.2-2 is probably better08:47
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juejaeger: it's my fault, I missed the dep to file but have it fixed now13:09
jaegerjue: sorry, I meant in the installation environment itself. Can't use nano before the setup-chroot stage because of it14:58
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pedjafrinnst: you mentioned that you have clean crux-3.2 kvm image few days back?care to share it :) ?19:19
teK____I am happy to host it at; have been wanting to do this for quite some time19:22
teK____maybe someone wants to share a vmware and or xen or vpc  image, too19:23
teK____then, we can add a wiki page also linking to our docker images, prologic provides19:23
pedjathat would be awesome19:24
pedjathank you19:25
pedjanice domain, btw19:25
frinnstroot and empty password19:25
frinnstjaeger cant have all the fun!19:25
jaegercrux domains for everyone :D19:25
pedjaI might get was already taken :/19:26
frinnstmaybe a domain?19:30
frinnstendless possibilities!19:30
pedjaI am surprised that is still not taken,afaict, with all the drama around it.19:36
pedjawork, damn it!19:39
pedjayay, 13min for 1.7G.nice. (don't start).19:42
teK____btw.. to whom it may concener.. after I was pissed at my ISP some days ago, connectivity almost complete broke today. My employer even provides special login links for my ISP for VPN access19:44
pedjafrinnst: you could've mentioned that your 3.2 kvm image has swedish keyboard layout as default :)22:32
rmullIs there a plan for dealing with gimp's dependency on gegl 0.2?22:42
rmullWasn't there a discussion of downgrading opt/gegl since gimp was the only package that needed it?22:43
pedjateK____: opt/zsh still uses /usr/man for man pages :)23:04
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