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prologicjaeger: you run vmware at home right? ESXi?01:03
prologicahh I thought so good :)01:08
prologicI'm thinking (well planning on buying actually) a little 12" D server to fir that bill01:08
prologic^^^ this one specifically01:08
prologicmy plan is to run VMWare ESXi 6.0 (community edition) on it01:09
prologicand have 2x 120GB SSD(s) as local RAID0 storage01:09
jaegerseems reasonable01:11
prologicthat's what I though too :)01:12
prologicDo you know if VMware supports TRIM though? (can't find definitive answers to this)01:12
jaegernot sure, honestly. I haven't researched that01:13
jaegerI'm using SSDs in my ESXi server and so far haven't seen any performance issues, though01:13
prologicAnd I assume 2x RAID0 SSD(s) should give pretty decent IOPS; although I read article/forums-posts that seemed to indicate that "real life" performance didn't make much difference *meh*01:13
prologicI'm not sure I agree wit them tbh01:13
prologicSSD(s)? In what configuration?01:14
prologicAnd as your local storage?01:14
jaegerone datastore, one host cache01:14
prologicahh right01:14
jaegerESXi itself is installed on a USB stick01:14
prologichmm Host cache?01:14
prologicI remmeber readin about this; is this like swap?01:14
jaegeryeah, it's useful if you're memory-constrained01:15
jaegerI only set it up because I had a crappy OCZ SSD laying around01:15
prologicahh right01:16
prologicso you can throw more "virtual ram" at your vms eh?01:16
prologichow much ram has the host got by itself anyway?01:16
jaegermine has 16GB currently, just ordered 32GB to replace it01:16
prologicI'm probably going to buy 32GB worth myself (but not from ABMX; will source elsewhere at a better price)01:16
prologicahh right01:16
prologicI'm planning on running only two vms for now :)01:16
prologicFreePBX appliance and a Web server for home01:17
prologicmore precisely; CRUX with Docker (as the 2nd vm)01:17
jaegerI've got 6 running currently and would like to run a couple more01:17
prologicAhh cool01:17
jaegerxeon e3-123001:17
prologicahh nice01:17
prologicshould be a Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 here when I order it :)01:18
prologicif you don't over provision; you should get 1 core per vm with 4GB ram ea01:19
prologicnad 15GB storage ea (at 2x 120GB SSD RAID0)01:19
prologicseems pretty good to me01:19
prologicI tried asking a few dumb questions in #vmware but they were less than useful there :) -- good to just "talk shop" with another fellow actual vmware users with real experience :)01:20
prologicok good01:24
prologicgreat chat :) haha thanks!01:24
prologicwife's convinced :)01:24
prologicall that matters :P01:24
prologicbtw now that I'm actually in the US and all01:24
prologicwe should meet up sometime :)01:24
jaegerI've been happy with my setup. It's using an X9SCM-F motherboard from supermicro so probably somewhat similar01:25
prologicwhere are you again? east coast?01:25
jaegerMaybe next time I go to San Jose, that would be convenient01:25
jaegermidwest, Tulsa01:25
prologicahh cool01:25
prologicyeah we've been to San Jose's Zoo a few times01:25
prologicour kids love it there01:25
prologicsounds great we should tee up a time next time01:25
jaegerThat's where most of my team is located01:26
prologicSupermicro® X9SCL Motherboard01:26
jaegeryeah, that's why I think it's probably at least somewhat similar01:26
prologiceerily similar :)01:26
jaegerx9 series01:26
jaegeryou might search to see if anyone's using the x9scl in a whitebox already01:26
prologicseems like we both make pretty similar good choices for home hw :)01:27
jaegerjust to make sure it's compatible01:27
jaegerindeed, heh01:27
prologictook me months to find this from abm01:27
prologic12" D too so it'll fit nicely01:27
prologicvmware compatible?01:27
prologicI think they (abmx) install vmware themselves (it's part of their configuration)01:28
prologicso it should work if they do a qa/certified install01:28
jaegerAh, ok. Probably fine, then.01:28
prologicI think so :)01:28
prologicI asked for a custom quote because I didn't want to pay for the more expensive enterprise grade hdd/ram componnets01:28
prologicgot a quote for one without any hdd9s) (they had to put a minimum amount of ram in thought for qa reasons)01:29
prologicso I think my plan is to throw in 2x Samsung EVO(s)01:29
prologicand some Kingston or similar ECC RAM01:29
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jueteK____: any chance to revert the gegl update soon? If you don't have the time someone else can do it ;)11:15
Romsteri could do it but it is teks port and i am wondering if tek needs the new version and make a gegl02 port for just gimp?11:21
Romsterand older gegl has a CVE open too that we didn't previously patch for. CVE-2012-443311:23
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rmullAnybody know what gimp's plan is for moving to gegl-0.3?16:44
jaegerNot I16:45
rmullI'll poke around for a bit to see if I can find anything16:45
rmullstay tuned16:45
rmullLooks like the upcoming development branch works okay with gegl-0.3 in that the ./configure check is satisfied16:56
rmullthe dev branch of gimp, I mean, 2.9.2, which is slated to become 2.10.x16:56
rmullThere appear to be a few additional non-optional deps16:57
frinnstI'll revert it17:00
rmullI think that makes the most sense, since there doesn't appear to be anything else depending on gegl17:01
frinnstjust need to install some deps to get a clean footprint17:03
rmullgimp can be bumped 2.8.14 -> 2.8.16 if you want to push that while you're in there17:04
rmullBased on the gimp roadmap in the wiki it looks like we won't be seeing a new stable release any time soon17:05
rmullI mean a 2.10 release17:06
rmull52 open bugs17:06
rmullAnyway, thanks frinnst.17:08
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frinnstsorry teK____, i've messed about with your ports :-)20:04
prologicjaeger: ordered 32GB of Kingston RAM last night (DDR3 240-pin 1333Mhz) and 2x Samsung EVO 535(s) @ 250GB ea20:08
prologicthese things apparently have 100k/90k read/write IOPS :)20:08
jaeger535? is that new? never heard of it20:08
jaegerunless you mean intel 53520:08
prologicnow I just gotta buy the actual server itself :)20:08
prologicoh wait I may have mistyped20:09
jaeger850 EVOs or Intel 535s are both valid models20:09
prologicthese :)20:09
prologicyeah got confused :)20:09
jaegerno worries. Those are solid20:10
prologicI think the Samsungs should be "good enough"20:10
prologicthey're certainly much faster than the Intel ones20:10
prologicand if at worst they crap out within the warranty I'll get em replaced :)20:10
jaegerYou can't use RAPID on them without windows but they're still great20:11
prologicsome samsung caching thingo?20:12
jaegeryeah. Uses RAM to act as a cache20:12
jaegerIt's pretty slick but not a requirement by any means20:12
prologicbut only works on Windows eh?20:14
prologicweird :)20:14
prologicI just hope vmware supports TRIM; did I talk about that yesterday (can't remember) :)20:14
jaegeryeah, you mentioned it20:14
jaegerNot a big deal if it doesn't, just don't fill the drive20:15
jaegerI'm pretty sure it does, though20:15
prologicso am i20:17
prologicjaeger: iSCSI
prologicmuch experience with it?20:28
prologicEspecially on ZFS on LInux?20:28
jaegerA little at the last job, none with zfs on linux20:28
prologicahh right20:29
prologicwe probably have no cruxers with experience in iSCSI targets then :)20:29
jaegerI've done it without zfs, wasn't much trouble20:30
prologicon non-linux?20:35
prologiczfs on linux doesn't support iSCSI atm20:35
prologicyou have to do it separately afaik20:35
prologicbut I imagine you can pass up a ZOL as the block device for the target disk20:36
prologicthat's my undersanding anyway20:36
prologicinstall lio-utils and targetcli20:36
jaegertry it and see, I guess. :)20:36
prologicconfigure an iSCSI target driver in the kernel20:36
prologicand you should be good to go20:36
prologicI plan to try it I guess :)20:36
prologicjust for fun20:36
prologicbut I'll probably run these VM(s) boot disks off of the RAID0 Samsung EVOs :)20:37
prologicat ~190k avg IOPS who wouldn't :)20:37
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