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teK____frinnst: thx for the revert.20:45
frinnstnp and sorry - feels "wrong" messing with someone elses ports21:00
frinnstnot sure why gimp still failed to build - ive built it on 3.2 lots of times before21:01
frinnstbut anyways, workaround added21:01
teK____it's okay, I will look at the bug report and see if we can re-update things. Or just wait for a newer gimp to appear21:01
frinnstbtw letsencrypt is epic21:01
teK____gnuplot broke with the new lua, it seems21:01
teK____need to push a fix (from 01/2015!) too21:02
frinnsttakes like 5 seconds to generate a cert :)21:02
frinnst etc21:02
frinnstTLS ALL THE THINGS!21:02
frinnststill need to add a cronjob to autorenew and restart nginx21:03
frinnstand you cant currently easily generate certs for internal systems that are not accessible from the internetz21:04
teK____I considered using them for, to21:06
teK____our cert is valid until 01/1621:07
teK____and we could have separate ones for lists and www21:07
frinnstyeah better wait for clients to iron out the issues21:07
frinnstand the tools depend on a handful of python ports21:07
teK____chromioum wont give notice about the near-100% match, though21:08
teK____there's a static webpage for manual requests21:08
frinnstfor letsencrypt?21:08
frinnstthat might get tiresome every other month or so21:08
frinnstthe certs are only valid for 90 days21:09
teK____I know :)21:09
jaegerIs it just a matter of something like './letsencrypt --standalone --email -d -d' ?21:20
jaeger(reading the intro)21:20
frinnstpretty much21:24
frinnst./letsencrypt certonly --standalone21:25
frinnstgives you a curses menu where you input email and the domains you want21:25
jaegerI'll probably try it for, sounds pretty easy21:25
frinnststarts a python http-server and adds a string to /tmp/letsencrypt/path/asdf that letsencrypt verifies from21:25
frinnstif you run apache I dont think you need the python temp-server21:26
frinnstatleast not under rhel/deb - thats the idea I think21:26
frinnstthey have a devel module for nginx too and some other stuff21:26
jaegeryeah, saw that, pretty cool21:27
jaegerI'm running nginx21:27
frinnsti switched over from lighttpd to nginx today just because lighttpd will require manual intervetion21:27
jaegerI really like nginx, I've moved most of my lighttpd stuff to it now21:28
frinnstsince lighttpd wants a merged certkey and cert21:28
jaegerteK____: we could actually use a trivial nginx upstream config to do the same job that distfiles.php does21:29
jaegerif we wanted to take php out of the picture21:29
teK____and run two webservers at Sounds fun ~21:30
jaegeror just replace apache with nginx :)21:31
jaegerJust a comment, not a request. :)21:32
teK____and reqork all the configs? sounds fun ~21:33
teK____but thanks for thinking of us :]21:33
jaegerno worries21:33
teK____oh and I dont think that nginx is bad21:33
jaegerIt would take some work to convert, though21:33
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teK____I just found ... wat :D22:06
frinnstanyone else testing gcc 5.3.0 ?22:08
Worksteri am22:09
frinnstbtw, did you test wine?22:09
Worksterit compiled but i haven't ran it yet22:18

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