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juefrinnst: guess I've found a strange misbehaviour of our firefox. If you have a firefox compiled with our default CFLAGS please try the following:17:58
jueload and click on the Login button17:59
jueI get an instant crash and debug infos like -> if I do that as root18:01
jueI spent around a day to test various different modifications to our Pkgfile18:01
juethe strange thing is that 42.0 compiled on 3.1 just works, the binary from mozilla as well18:02
jue41.0.2 build on 3.2 works too18:03
juebut not 42.0.18:03
jueafter different things like a gtk2 build and tests on different 3.2 boxes here I found the problem: it's the -O2 optimization18:06
jueif I build it with -01 or even -O everything is good18:07
jaegeranother gcc 5.2 issue? Or are you using 5.3?18:07
jueit's the same with both, 5.2 and 5.318:07
jueI've seen in the gcc 5 release notes that they have done a lot of things there, guess a bit too much probably ;)18:09
juemeant with with optimization improvements18:09
juebut, yes, I'm running 5.3 here18:10
jueIIRC the other issue we have is with wine?18:20
jaegerIt compiles but doesn't run properly18:35
jueand the fix is the same, build with -O1 optimization?18:37
jaegerSeems so, yes18:37
jueah, ok18:38
juewill try if disabling one of the new optinions like -fipa-icf is enough18:45
frinnstjue: i cant find the login button :D19:43
frinnstah, sorry now i see it19:43
frinnstDoesnt crash for me though19:44
frinnstclean profile?19:45
frinnstplugin-container - do you have flash installed? I dont so maybe thats why it doesnt crash for me19:48
frinnstoh right, I use a firefox beta19:49
jaegerok, docbook stuff is more trouble than I was thinking, going to have to spend more time on that. :P19:53
juefrinnst: flash doesn't matter19:54
jueand I get the crash with a new profil too19:54
jueand the same crash on three different boxes19:56
frinnst43.0b9 doesnt seem to crash - building 42 now19:58
frinnstno, cant 42 crash either20:19
frinnsthm, for some reason I have *no* cflags defined20:21
frinnstwonder when i did that brilliant edit in pkgmk.conf20:21
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jaegeroops, heh20:24
frinnstuh, crashes just by loading gmx.net20:43
frinnstanyways, thanks. I'll dig into it20:46
pedjafrinnst: ff-43 is the release when they start to forbid unsigned extensions, not just warn about them, correct?21:31
pedjaluckily, I only have a couple of them, so self-signing won't be that much of a  PITA.21:34

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