IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-12-14

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nomiusHey guys05:29
nomiusAnyone has tried to build the latst mesa3d (in the ports)?05:30
nomiusBrrrrr, nevermind05:31
jaegerIt wouldn't have made its way into the ports if it hadn't built properly, at least for the maintainer05:34
jaegeractually, I suppose there's no guarantee of that. never mind05:44
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frinnstWhat should we do about Maximilian Dietrich's ports? He doesnt respond to email and havent responded to bugs assigned to him14:51
jaegerhow long has he been unresponsive?15:39
frinnsta few months16:19
frinnstdont remember when I sent my first email16:20
jaegerMaybe send one last email saying they'll be marked as orphaned and wait a week for a response to that? If nothing, orphan them16:37
rmullMight want to make an official policy for this sort of thing17:00
frinnstbug opened in september17:01
frinnsthas anyone tested libXfont2 yet?19:01
frinnstwe are on 1.5.119:01
jaegerlooks like 24 ports in contrib that would be orphaned19:04
jaegerI have not19:04
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