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Worksterdon't bother with libxfont just yet00:59
Worksterxorg-server wont use it just yet01:00
Worksterthe 2.0.1 one that is.01:00
Worksternew API/ABI to hide symbols in xorg-server abstraction01:00
Worksterbut xorg-server hasn't had any of them changes yet.01:00
WorksterI read the ML for xorg01:01
frinnstah, goodie01:34
frinnstthought there was something major like that01:34
jaegerhrmm... building pcsx2 kinda sucks these days01:37
Romsterwhy is that?01:39
jaegerjust a pass in the ass to make it work with multilib, wx 3, etc.01:41
RomsterI thought must multilib stuff was pretty easy. just make it find the correct pkg-config pc files?01:42
Romsterand prefix the path if it's demented in finding the correct *.so files.01:43
jaegerThings that use autotools and respect pkg-config are usually pretty easy01:43
jaegerpcsx2 is a mess01:43
Romstereh and i'm oly getting 0.1% packet loss to no big deal, not the 75% i read about.01:44
Romsteri gather most of the emulators are a mess of code01:44
Romsteris libtool on the way out due to pkg-config ?01:47
jaegerpcsx2 1.3.1 is even more of a mess than the older versions. first off the releases are fucked up02:05
jaegerif I download v1.3.1.tar.gz I get an sxiv archive... if I download I get the pcsx2 source02:05
jaegerthe Makefile respects DESTDIR but doesn't actually understand it02:05
Worksterweird someone need to report this.03:00
jaegerah, the wrong archive thing is because the distfiles mirror has a file with the same name already03:05
jaegerI should have realized that, it's github naming after all03:05
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Worksteroops, this is where i think we should change our mirrors to include the md5sum of the file.
jaegerhere's something really odd: my pfSense router uses dnsmasq or similar to automatically register DNS entries for DHCP leases... CRUX 3.2 machine leases are missing the last letter.04:21
jaeger"ragnarok" becomes "ragnaro", "normandy" becomes "normand", etc.04:21
jaegermy phone, access point, a centos VM, couple CRUX 3.1 VMs, HTPC, windows machine don't have this issue04:21
jaegerI only noticed tonight that it was the CRUX 3.2 machines04:22
jaegerI wonder if it's a dhcpcd bug or something else04:25
jaegerI don't see a related issue in the open tickets on the dhcpcd upstream site04:25
jaegerdhcpd: DHCPACK on to 00:0c:29:b0:93:9d (ragnaro) via em1 <-- from the server logs, the server is actually seeing the name without its last letter04:26
jaegerintersting... taking "-h `/bin/hostname`" out of my dhcpcd invocation fixes the issue04:32
jaegerI only had that in there because there was a past dhcpcd release that didn't send the hostname to the DHCP server :P04:32
rmullnice find, haha.04:39
rmullThe -h flag looks like you don't need an arg following it if you just want to send the system hostname04:40
jaegerIt used to require the name but I admit I've not looked at it in a long time04:41
rmullIt says an "empty string" sends the current system hostname04:41
rmullNot sure if that means no arg at all, or the an arg like: ""04:41
jaegergood question. at the moment I just took out the -h entirely, so it's only running with "-t 10" as args04:42
jaegerthat seems to work but we'll see04:42
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prologicjaeger: got my server :) not sure where to start lol07:24
prologicseems vSphere is still a Windows only thing gah :)07:24
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jaegerThe client is, yeah14:46
jaegerthough there's a work-in-progress web client thingy someone's making. Last I looked it didn't work with the free license yet but it's a start, I guess14:47
frinnstshould be usable for vsphere 9 i guess :)14:50
frinnstthe current mess is remarkable14:50
prologicjaeger: ahh16:31
prologicjaeger: so to get started I'm assuming I have to find a way to run the vSphere Windows client?16:31
prologici.e: VMWare Fusion Pro + Windows VM (on a Mac/ OS X)?16:31
prologicAt least there are command line tools too (vCLI) -- Any experience with such tools?16:31
prologicAlso I seem to recall you can just ssh into these things? Or did I make that up :)16:31
prologicfrinnst: lol :)16:32
prologicI'm tempted to wipe the OS and put ProxMox on it :) lol16:32
prologicat least it's Debian + KVM/OpenVZ :)16:32
jaegeryou can ssh in once ssh is enabled. but yeah, if you want to use the vsphere client you need a windows VM or another machine16:32
frinnstyeah, all tools are for windows more or less18:04
frinnstbtw heard from Maximilian Dietrich - his crux machine is broken but he hopes to get a new box next year18:06
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frinnstso if you find any issues or outdated ports its a free-for-all to update them18:29
frinnstprologic: btw you have a lot of bugs assigned to you in crux and crux-contrb if you are bored :)18:44
prologicnot bored; time18:45
prologicuggh :)18:45
frinnsta few contrib bugs squashed atleast18:56
rmullcontrib/mpv md5sum mismatch :/19:08
rmullDoes nobody test their ports anymore?19:09
frinnstnope. I just blindly trusted the patch19:14
frinnstfeel free to give me another one19:14
frinnstits a stupid github tarball - something else probably already have the name 0.10.0.tar.whatever19:15
rmullThe old file was a zip, the new file is a tar.gz19:16
rmullor something.19:16
frinnst-df3cbee9dce0f97a5a3f901af9c64c2e  v0.9.0.tar.gz19:16
frinnst+4bf2029d36386f1a7e13b867fc0de762  v0.10.0.zip19:16
frinnststupid submitter19:16
rmullWell, 0.14.0 might be worth trying19:18
rmullI'll try to build it and drop a patch on FS#122019:18
frinnstI dont use mpv nor do I have the deps installed19:18
frinnstyeah please do19:19
jaegerI use mpv on one of my machines, can also test if needed19:23
rmullfrinnst: It built fine, but I don't have a clean environment so ymmv I guess19:26
rmullThe changes were minimal19:26
frinnstjaeger: please update it then :)19:28
frinnst19:06 <@frinnst> btw heard from Maximilian Dietrich - his crux machine is broken but he hopes to get a new box next year19:28
frinnst19:29 <@frinnst> so if you find any issues or outdated ports its a free-for-all to update them19:28
frinnstits his port19:29
rmullOops, left a newline escape in there (but it doesn't harm anything)19:29
jaegeryeah, saw that. I'll give it a look today19:30
jaegerglad he responded19:30
frinnstpushed 0.1419:33
frinnstthanks rmull19:34
rmullfrinnst: Does this close FS#1220?20:02
rmullmaybe jaeger can test20:02
frinnstshould, yeah20:03
frinnstI'll close it20:03
frinnstanybody think we should hold off gcc 5.3?20:06
frinnsti've run it since it was released without issues. didnt fix the -O2 troubles though20:06
jaegerI haven't tried it yet but from what I've read in our channels it's about the same as 5.220:08
frinnstyeah its just a bugfix update20:08
frinnstteK____ teK____ teK____21:20
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frinnstSeverity:           Critical21:21
frinnstExploitable:        Remotely21:21
frinnstDoS "only" though21:22
frinnstpoor isps running bind21:22
frinnst(we do)21:22
rmullSo crazy. Bind has been around forever22:44
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teK____I have no access to from where I am atm until Friday morning22:49
teK____anybody mind pushing a fix for CVE#8000 this year?22:50
teK____thanks a lot23:00

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