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prologichaving to have VmWare Fusion + Windows 7 just to manage VMWare ESXi is crazy bullshit :)02:32
prologicjaeger: are you sure VMWare is such a good idea haha :)02:32
jaegerNo reason it has to be fusion for what that's worth02:33
jaegervirtualbox is free and can do it if you don't want to pay for fusion02:33
jaegerIf you want to use qemu or something else, go ahead. I use vmware because I like it but it's not like you're tied to it or anything02:33
jaegerfrinnst: same thing with firefox 43 on x86 - missing libav stuff from the footprint at the end. Still not sure why02:35
prologicusing work laptop to do this02:41
prologicno other choice really02:41
prologicso we have vmware fusion pro in our managed software02:42
prologicas well as windows 7/802:42
prologicbut still my point remains :)02:42
jaegerso don't use vmware02:42
prologicconsidering it :)02:42
prologicI assume you had an existing windows vm or machine of some kind?02:42
prologicjust generally complaining at the level of effort :) (don't mind me!)02:43
prologicI haven't finished getting Windows 7 up and running properly yet (installing vmware tools)02:43
prologicyou haven't given the web client a go at all hav eyou?02:45
jaegerI have a windows VM and a windows machine available so it's no big deal for me02:53
jaegerplus a windows VM on the work laptop if needed, I guess02:53
jaegerI've used the web client fairly extensively at my last job... but it doesn't work with the free license yet so I can't use it at home02:53
jaeger <-- for reference02:54
jaegerI should clarify02:54
jaegerthis is a fling, not the official web client02:54
jaegerthe official web client only works with vcenter/vsphere installations02:55
prologicoh ic02:58
prologicso it should be possibly to install/enable a web client on my esx host?02:58
jaegerIf you have a license other than the free hypervisor license, yes02:59
jaegerTechnically you can install it anyway but modifications won't work02:59
prologichmm confusing :) I guess I have a free license of vmware esxi 6.003:00
prologicI assume so as abmx claimed to say it was community edition and cost $0 to install/setup03:00
jaegerunless you paid for it you have the free (hypervisor) license03:00
prologicso no web client for me :)03:01
prologicor you I assume; you also on the free license?03:01
prologicanyway vSphere installed finally03:01
prologicwee :)03:01
prologicoh no quite haha03:02
prologicapparently Windows 7 under vmware fusion is a little slow03:02
prologicor maybe it's just win7 :)03:02
jaegerIt's fusion. I've got both fusion and virtualbox on my work laptop and virtualbox performs much better03:02
prologicI should go find my winxp cd/license somewhere and just use that on the crux desktop under vbox03:02
prologicahh really03:03
prologicthat sucks -- for vmware that is :)03:03
prologicyou'd think they'd do a good job on perf03:03
jaegerNo reason it should be that way particularly03:03
jaegerthey usually do03:03
prologicoh well03:03
prologicI'm limited to work laptop atm so limited options03:03
prologicgotta upgrade the desktop to 3.2 too shortly as soon as I find some time03:03
prologicfix some contrib ports/bugs, upgrade docker 3.2 image03:04
prologicso many things :)03:04
prologicheh indeed03:06
prologichmm okay kind running into a problem here03:34
prologicdefault u/p for vsphere?03:34
prologicsome doco says I have to set one on the console?03:34
jaegerset during the install or via console, yeah03:35
prologicif that's true I'm having issues getting the IPMI Java console working (requires latest JRE)03:35
prologicso Ihave to fix my lack of Java so the stupid console works03:35
jaegeror temporarily plug in a monitor, I guess03:35
prologicI see a preview of <F2> Customize System or something03:35
prologicI doubt I have anything that'll work :)03:36
prologicdo server baords even some with HDMI/DVI ports? :)03:36
jaegernone that I've seen03:36
prologicyeah me neither03:36
prologicboth servers I have are supermicro boards03:36
prologiconly display ports they have are vga03:37
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prologicoh man03:50
prologicthis is proving a lot more difficult than I had imagined03:50
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prologicthe ipmi console is 500'ing; there are various popup and java plugin restrictions in place that I can't unlock (ad blocked)03:50
jaegerdon't know what to tell you there, haven't seen 500s from mine04:09
prologicyeah I suspect it's other things04:13
prologicI've gotten no where :/04:13
prologicI'm going to see if I can connect to the IPMI console on my MacBook Air before giving up :)04:13
jaegerwant me to try to connect remotely? :P04:17
prologicwow this is crazy04:33
prologicfinally got the ipmi console to work on my macbook air04:33
prologicI have no option to change the root password04:33
prologicI have to authentication first04:33
jaegerdidn't you install esxi? you should know the password04:34
jaegeror did abmx install it?04:34
jaegerif they didn't give it to you and you didn't install it, reinstall it04:35
prologicargg ffs04:36
prologicI'm a stupid mofo of a blind idiot04:36
prologicthey printed/wrote the root password onthe paperwork04:36
prologicin clear big black letters04:36
jaegerhah, nice.04:36
prologicI feel so dumb right now04:36
prologicI never thought to look04:36
jaegerwe all have our moments04:38
prologiclol moments? oh boy04:41
prologicsometimes I wish I weren't blind04:41
prologichmm so 60 day free trial04:41
prologicsurely I have a license on this paperwork to enter lol04:42
prologicfinally getting somewhere!04:42
jaegerif you don't you can download one for free but if they got one for you that might be quicker04:42
prologicI'm guessing I have to obtain a free license eh?04:43
prologicdoesn't look like it from examining the paperwork04:44
prologicok I have to go get a license I guess04:46
prologicI may as well keep going with this04:46
prologicgood learning experience :)04:46
jaegerindeed. :)04:48
prologicwell so far so good04:52
prologicI can see the two samsung ssds04:52
prologicjust need to license this thing04:52
prologicI have to say though; the ui is pretty awful04:52
prologicI suspect it's just that windows in vmware fusion is pretty awful04:53
prologicthings are cumbersome and pixelated :)04:53
prologicespecially when zoomed in (as a vip does)04:53
prologichmm where's the serial no.? :)05:04
prologicor how do you get a license heh? :)05:04
prologiclogged into this portal (apparently I used to have a vmware workstation 4 license)05:04
prologicwow this is totally not straight forward at all05:12
jaegerIt's been years since I did it, I don't remember the process05:14
prologicyeah it's okay any help no matter how small is appreciated05:27
prologicbut seriously i can't figure how to license this thing05:27
prologicI finally have a vmware esxi 6 license key after registrying for that05:28
prologicnot sure where to find the serial no either05:28
jaegerconfiguration -> licensed features -> edit -> assign a new key to this host05:28
prologicI finally did id05:33
prologicthere is this tiny Edit... blue link at the top right05:33
prologicall the way over yonder05:33
prologicunder Intentory -> Software -> Configuration -> License Features05:33
jaegerthe license key input location is defintely stupid05:33
prologicthere is no such thing as intuiative guis is ther :)05:33
prologicmost retarded thing ever05:34
prologictook me neraly a whole hour ro just license this05:34
prologichehe I just read up05:35
prologicthanks :)05:35
prologicoh well better start doing real things with this heh05:36
prologicchange root password; setup a better ip; local storage05:36
prologicI guess you can't change the root, dcui or vpcuser roles/accounts05:39
jaegeryou can definitely change root's password, I've never messed with the others05:42
prologic"Edit role" is grayed out fo rme05:42
prologicyou mean change it via the console?05:42
jaegerI think the console is the only way to change root's password05:43
prologicthat's fine05:43
prologicok this is a problem05:52
prologicI go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Hardware -> Storage05:53
prologicthen Add Storage...05:53
prologicturns out the thing tells me I can only use the SSD(s) as Host cache05:53
jaegerIt can definitely use SSDs as datastore05:59
prologicis the gui just misleading?06:00
prologicI can take a screenshot :)06:00
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jaegershould be able to do it in the "add storage" thing, I think06:08
jaegerformat the SSD as a VMFS datastore06:08
prologicit did that I guess a VMFS file system06:14
prologicno idea how you configure both drives in a raid 0 though06:14
prologichmm this is very bizare from a gui perspective06:24
prologicI have no idea what I've done with this new storag06:25
jaegerAs far as I know esxi has no concept of RAID, you'd have to do that at the controller level06:43
prologicmakes snse06:54
prologicI'm not evensure what kind of controller this thing has06:55
prologicif any; it'll be the default supermicro onboard sata controller I'm sure06:55
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prologictmorning :)17:07
prologicboy am I tired :P17:07
prologic~1.30am figuring out an optimal solution17:07
prologicjaeger: I'm sorry (really!) :P17:07
prologicbut in the end I gave up with vmware17:07
prologicit took me ~1/2 to install and setup proxmox ve 4.1 -- it even includes support for ZFS local storage so I created a striped pool of the two Samsung SSD(s)17:08
prologicI feel bad though; I'm sure vmware is great in general but it's so cumbersome and well umm lacks some things17:09
jaegerNot like you have to justify it :)17:34
frinnstmeh, still no bind update for centos18:04
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prologicjaeger: heh21:54
prologicthanks for your help all the same though21:54
teK____frinnst____: they don't have you on board, thrice-underscored buddy ;)21:55
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frinnstspeaking of grub jaeger, I think you need to manually patch grub for the recent vuln22:54
jaegeryeah, I read about that... I wonder if they'll actually make a new release for it22:55
jaegerprobably not since they haven't in a long time for anything else, heh22:55
frinnstmost distributions use the beta versions iirc22:59
frinnstsaw some discussion on their mailinglist about releasing more often too22:59
jaegerIf they're past 2.00 it's a beta, yeah22:59
jaegerlooks like they might have committed a fix already but their cgit is fucking up so I can't see it :P23:04
jaegerIt's not the same fix exactly but it seems to be the same person.23:07
jaegerhad to clone it to see the diff :P23:07
jaegerI wonder if they just expect everyone to use a fresh git clone. Even 2.02 beta2 is 2 years old23:17
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