IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-12-17

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teK____alan still didnt push the new branches to kde01:18
jaegerperhaps he hasn't tried yet since getting the right git remote01:27
teK____probably. I seem to be more excited about this than him :P01:29
teK____(=I won't have to think about it once it's done)01:30
jaegeralways an ulterior motive with you!01:31
teK____these kinds of comments are up to frinnst, not you01:32
jaegerHe's AFK or something, I was just being helpful01:32
teK____I was told, the evil never sleeps, but go ahead01:32
jaegerevil does take a dump now and then01:33
teK____for an even stronger come back, sure sure01:33
jaegerIt's a tough job01:34
teK____cough cough01:34
teK____rebooting my serverop. (maybe) see you later01:43
jaegerI believe!01:43
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jaegerAny grub user who wouldn't mind testing my 2.02-beta2 port?03:37
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frinnstjaeger: sure13:44
jaegerfrinnst: thanks.
jaegerthere's also an efi one there if you use efi14:27
frinnstno efi here15:41
frinnstwell, it built atleast :>15:42
frinnstInstallation finished. No error reported.15:43
frinnst.. and boots too15:44
jaegerCool, thanks. :) I tested the EFI side but I'm not using it on any BIOS machines currently15:50
jaegerI'll update both today15:50
frinnstyou and your modern hardware!15:54
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