IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-12-19

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frinnsthaha wtf11:44
frinnstyou are 2 seconds faster than me jue :(11:45
frinnstNo changes -- Patch already applied.11:45
juehehe :)11:47
juebtw, firefox seems stable now, no further crashes so far12:06
frinnstyeah but ugly hack12:55
frinnstRomster: has there been any more development on the wine mailinglist?12:55
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frinnstomg, a *real* iptables update!18:49
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frinnstSo, firefox now supports ffmpeg (and its autodetected - yay). It is (performance wise) a better option than gst22:36
frinnstgst is still not autodetected so i'm pondering wether to disable gstreamer support in the next version and recommend ffmpeg instead via a [notify]22:37
frinnst4k youtube video \o/22:41
frinnstonly ~200% cpu usage so not that bad22:41
jaegerNo strong preference here, as long as it works. I always have ffmpeg and gst stuff installed anyway22:42
frinnstI use my own ffmpeg port as opposed to romsters ffmpeg-alloftheinternet version ;)22:44

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