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jaegerI wonder why 'w' and 'who' don't work on my laptop running 3.201:48
jaegerempty output, kinda odd01:58
jaegerdoesn't happen on this VPS, also 3.201:58
frinnstits not a symlink to /bin/true or something? :)01:59
jaegerheh, no. I even rebuilt coreutils just in case01:59
frinnstproc and sys are mounted and populated?01:59
frinnstanything interesting with strace ?02:01
jaegernothing immediately obvious. The only suspicious thing is that it tries to find /var/run/utmpx which doesn't exist... but it doesn't exist on the working system, either02:04
frinnstyeah same here02:04
frinnstdo you get something like this: write(1, " 02:58:51 up 14:20,  0 users,  l"..., 62 02:58:51 up 14:20,  0 users,  load average: 3.17, 1.43, 0.7902:04
jaegeryeah. Sorry, I said empty output earlier but it does actually give me the uptime and USER etc. header02:05
jaegerjust nothing after that02:05
jaeger'who' output is completely empty02:06
frinnstwell I get that too on my desktop02:06
frinnstbut is it? i login via slim02:07
jaegerooh... I use slim on the laptop02:07
jaegerno X on the VPS02:07
frinnstif I open up a non-x console and login I see fredrik  tty1      03:07    8.00s  0.00s  0.00s -bash02:08
jaegerinteresting. yeah, works on the console02:09
frinnstshould probably look for a slim alternative.. pretty buggy and not very well maintained02:09
frinnstim sure there are loads of vulnerabilities if you have physical access :)02:09
jaegerI might try to build lightdm again02:12
frinnstlate/early here. feel free to post the port if/when you do02:14
jaegerI may not mess with it tonight but I'll share it if I do get there02:17
frinnsthope to play with the new iptables release tomorrow. seems they have changed a lot02:28
jaegerwill be interesting02:31
jaegerhrmm... lightdm requires pam, maybe I'll skip02:37
frinnsthard dep?02:47
frinnstlxdm might be an alternative too02:50
jaegerI'm trying lxdm now :)02:51
jaegeryeah, hard dep02:51
jaegerwell, I've built lxdm. Will test it after gcc finishes upgrading02:51
jaegernice blank screen so far, heh03:17
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Romsterfrinnst, apparantly fixed in gcc 5.3 we'll see soon.07:22
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Romsterjaeger, can you test wine 1.8 sometime should be fine with gcc-5.309:31
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juefrinnst: contrib/ffmpeg is a no go for me, I'll not clutter my boxes with all the deps ;)10:28
juefrinnst: wrt iptables, if you want the nftables compat stuff we have to add additional libs as deps10:29
juebesides that its seems to work as usual with a --disable-nftables added10:30
Romsterwhat is wrong with gstreamer anyways?11:02
Romstergstreamer uses ffmpeg11:02
jueyou mean via the gst-ffmpeg plugin?11:09
Romstercorrect ont he older compat but in the newer it's through gst-libva11:18
Romsteri could proably thin down ffmpeg if it's too many dependencies11:19
frinnstRomster: not sure, but performance wise there seems to be a difference12:32
frinnstalso with gstreamer 720p is the max resolution12:32
frinnstffmpeg - 4k :-)12:33
Romsteri think everyone seems to have issues with my ports being dependency bloated.12:44
Romsteri'll just make more stuff optional13:00
frinnstIn general i think its the best idea13:23
Romsterit's just not as simple as depinst foo and your done, oh but tis also needs x dependency that you'll need to install and recompile y to get z to work13:36
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frinnstwell its all personal preferences14:39
jueyeah, indeed, it is15:25
jaegerRomster: sure, will try it15:26
juebut I prefer a slim system and your Pkgfile looks exactly that way :)15:26
jaegerRomster: looks like it works16:07
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jaegerprologic: finally found a solution to the ZFS mount on boot problem, I think17:36
jaegerprologic: take a look at the very last comment by "kkoning" here:
jaegerI added "cd /root" to my zpool import in /etc/rc.local and it works. Can't believe it's so dumb :P17:37
prologicyeah that's bizare18:23
prologicmine *just works* as-is18:23
jaegermine worked fine if I logged in and ran zpool import manually... just never in rc.local18:24
prologicall I have in rc.local is zpool import18:25
jaegerI have to use the pool name to import, for some reason it won't do so with just "zpool import"18:31
frinnstgot lxdm working jaeger?20:05
jaegerNot so far... It runs without errors but all I get is a blank screen20:06
frinnstshould set up a vm and play around with it20:07
frinnsthm, you didnt even get a login: screen?20:17
frinnstseems to work for me20:17
jaegernope. nothing. what version did you use?20:19
frinnstlatest, 0.5.320:19
frinnstDont have any desktops to select so cant login, but it seems to work20:20
jaegermind sharing the Pkgfile?20:20
frinnstno pkgfile, just ./configure --without-pam --sysconfdir=/etc20:20
frinnstran from /usr/local/sbin/lxde20:20
frinnstran from /usr/local/sbin/lxdm asdf20:21
jaegerThat's what I used20:21
frinnstconfigure complains that sysconfdir should be set to /etc, maybe thats whats missing20:21
frinnsthm, how do I kill X inside a qemu guest? :)20:22
jaegerwhoa, weird. It does work if you specify sysconfdir, even though the footprint doesn't change20:22
jaegerhow stupid20:22
jaegernice catch, thanks20:22
frinnsthah yeah indeed20:22
jaegerI'll spend some time customizing it soon. It starts a MATE session but some things are missing20:25
frinnstjaeger: <- lxdm rc script with ssd21:42
frinnstrunning it now, seems to do the job. also nice with a xinerama aware dm21:43
frinnstslim looked quite ugly dragged out over 3 screens and 5760 pixels :D21:43
frinnstbtw nginx could probably use a new rc-script. i've come across a few issues when restarting and nginx not being killed21:47
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frinnsthm, seems to do wierd things with locales and my keyboard22:05
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frinnststrange. when I launch a terminal i cant type "���". if I launch a new terminal from that terminal i can22:11
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