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jaegerrandom opinion question for you guys: Is there any benefit to keeping /usr/etc around these days instead of just using /etc?01:22
jaeger(aside from not having to add --sysconfdir to things)01:22
jaegerteK__, Romster: not sure if it was intentional but both contrib/glade and contrib/glade3 are the gtk 3 version01:43
groovy2shoesjaeger, I know I'm new around here, but for what it's worth, I prefer /etc01:46
jaegernoted :)01:47
jaegerfrinnst: man, I haven't used glade in YEARS... using it now to try to generate a simple lxdm theme :)03:53
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jaegerfrinnst: It's not perfect but I think it's not bad for the amount of time I spent on it and considering there's fuck-all theme documentation for LXDM05:26
jaegerfrinnst: I kinda like lxdm even if it doesn't solve the problem for which I wanted to try it :P05:52
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jaegerit does something odd with the path, maybe ignoring /etc/profile? Will have to investigate that06:06
Lukc`I see no reason to have a /usr/etc, unless we have a reason to have a /usr/etc. (Like, keeping non-essential softwares’ configuration files there or something, instead of what has been forgotten)07:11
frinnstjaeger: indeed, it do does something wierd. it fucks up my keyboard somehow08:38
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Romster/etc is for daemons and core ports that make the system function, everything else is /usr/etc09:06
Romsterit has been this way for eons09:06
teK__jaeger / Romster oops, wo introduced glade first? ;)09:25
Romsterthere different afaik10:04
Romsteri don't see anything using glade310:04
RomsterteK__,  do you want to drop glade3 and take over my glade port?10:09
Romsteri remember i made libpeas for gedit a long time ago.10:10
Romsterbut since then never used it10:10
Romsterdunno if mate depends on it jaeger ?10:11
teK__Romster: I can compare the ports tonight10:22
juejaeger: besides what Romster said, for me the configs in /usr/etc are more app-defaults than configuration files e.g. I'll never touch the Muttrc there but do my modifications in ~10:42
juejaeger: having configs like that in a separate dir has the advantage that pkgadd updates the files silently and we don't have to run rejmerge10:44
juejaeger: but I agree, other people will consider this as a disadvantage10:45
Romsteri've never had to edit a file in /usr/etc to be honest.10:45
jueif we are there, IMO the dbus stuff should go to /etc because dbus is a system daemon10:46
jueRomster: me neither ;)10:46
Romsteras much as i like to change things i for once have to agree with jue.10:46
Romsternot having to rejmerge all that is nice.10:47
Romstermaybe it needs to be clarified in the documentaiton more?10:50
RomsterteK__, could you edit so it points to 3.2 please.10:51
Romsterand no idea if is looking at 3.2 as well.10:53
Romsterprobably not because i can see "ERROR  opt/gdk-pixbuf ........... directory not allowed: usr/share/man/"10:53
teK__Romster: sure, can do11:20
Romsterthank you teK__11:21
Romsterargh finally found the problem with libtorrent-rasterbar11:21
Romsterit wasn't a boost issue it was because of dash that it could not find boost:filesystem11:22
Romsterthat lead me on the wrong path11:22
Romsteri was poking around the C11 than C14 and nope.... must of been gcc nope... finally just use bash and works.11:23
teK__Romster: sure, :)11:32
frinnstjue: I agree about dbus actually. but its so ugly i've never bothered moving it. i dont want to soil down my /etc with dbus crap :D13:01
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Romsterdbus is a special case it's got a system daemon and a user session that runs with X or the DE13:03
Romsterwhat ever happened to the kernel dbus implementation?13:04
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frinnstit got shut down and rightly so13:15
frinnstthey are rewriting it iirc13:15
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jaegerI know it's been that way for ages, I was asking if there's a good reason to KEEP it that way still. Just thinking about it again because of XDG issues. They can be worked around, though, it's not a big deal.14:54
jaegerThough dbus should have been moved a long time ago, probably14:56
jaegerI wonder if things that use it would find it automatically/programattically or if that would cause a lot of work14:56
juejaeger: well, I think the arguments for a /usr/etc are still valid but I know other people are against it. Though, I have no strong opinion here and it's always a good thing to reconsider such decisions.14:59
juejaeger: should we add this as a point to TODO33?14:59
jaegerI'm not against reconsidering it for 3.3 but also not terribly worried about it :)15:10
jaegerRomster: nothing in mate depends on glade or glade3, just libglade15:11
jaegerI just wanted to use glade 2 to design a gtk interface thingy for lxdm15:12
jaegerended up doing it in a mint VM15:12
juejaeger: ok15:12
Lukc`On the /etc or /usr/etc issue, what’s CRUX definition of what is a “system tool” and of what is just a random daemon/app/thing? Because my /etc contains a lot more files than my /usr/etc, and I’m not sure that things like an HTTP server are essential to running the system.15:15
juewrt the weechat/ncurses issue: I've deleted /usr/include/ncursesw and rebuild all installed ncruses apps to find a possible breakage, but nothing came up. So my suggestion would be to remove our "special" symlink in a new release15:16
jueany objections?15:16
frinnstnope, sounds ok15:16
jueLukc`: essential or not isn't the question here; a HTTP server is a system daemon and therefor it should have it's configs in /etc15:19
jueyou can say that everthing in the SERVICES array is a system service15:21
juewhereas mutt or lynx are not15:22
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jaegerhrmm... crond doesn't seem to want to mail output for some reason23:03
jaegerrunning: crond -S -l info -m -M /usr/bin/msmtp23:04
jaegerIt should send all cron job output to that address using msmtp but it doesn't seem to produce anything23:04
jaegerIf I pipe a file or something to msmtp it works as expected but no cron output23:04
jaegernothing in the cron log indicates it isn't working23:05
frinnsti dont think ive ever used msmtp with cron23:10
frinnstim always lazy and use exim23:10
jaegerI usually use postfix but I figured msmtp would be easier to configure. It's quite simple23:10
jaegerbut crond isn't sending anything, it seems23:10
jaegerOn this particular machine I don't need a full MTA, just the output from cron jobs23:12
jaegerMight have to use postfix or exim, though, I guess23:12
jaegerjue: since you're the msmtp maintainer, maybe you know. Do you use it with crond?23:12
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