IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-12-23

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juejaeger: sorry, never used msmtp togther with dcron, in fact I'm using fcron all over16:17
jaegerok, thanks16:18
juejaeger: but if something in the combo dcron/msmtp doesn't work it might be probably a dcron issue16:19
jaegerI don't know so far... it's not giving any useful output :/16:19
jueunfortunately dcron seems more or less unmaintained16:19
jaegeryeah, kinda looks that way16:21
juejaeger: dcron just pipes the formated mail to the file specified with the -M option and it's not possible to hand over any options, but we need -t or --read-recipients for msmtp to work18:45
juethe only solution I see is to use a simple sh script that pipes the mail to msmtp -t18:46
jaegermsmtp seems to work fine without -t or --read-recipients on the command line18:51
jaegerthough maybe we should just move away from dcron if it's unmaintained anyway18:51
jueyeah, but only if you specify the recipient on the command-line18:52
jaegerI'll try using a wrapper script when I get a chance to mess with it, seems like an easy solution18:52
jaegerdoes dcron not do that? The -M option specifies the address18:52
jueit's the same problem with exim and others18:52
jueno, it writes everything in one stream18:53
jueto see that just create a sh script that saves the output to a file18:53
jaegergood idea18:54
jueit's not that bad, because you can do everything you want with the data, it's not mailer specific18:57
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