IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-12-28

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Romsteris libusb-compat still required for anything?08:23
frinnstnot sure. I dont have it installed09:17
frinnstI dont remember what required it back when it was changed. when was that.. crux 2.8?09:23
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teK_btw did any of you guys have problem with ff constantly crashing after the upgrade from 3.1 -> 3.2?19:27
teK_revdep looks okayish19:28
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jaegerI didn't run into much but I think I recall frinnst saying there were issues like that19:47
frinnstthere are/were some issues with the latest versions, fixed by -Os cflags in the Pkgfile20:05
frinnstif you run the latest version you should not have lots of crashes..20:05
groovy2shoesteK_, I've had good luck with firefox, it's chromium that constantly crashes for me :/20:14
groovy2shoesthought it was a missing dependency at first, but ldd looks good to me20:15
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jaegerfrinnst: how many drives can fit in your microservers?22:22
groovy2shoesthat sounds... kinda dirty22:23
frinnst4 + 123:18
frinnstand 1 esata23:19
jaegernot bad. thanks23:19
frinnstbut that was the old gen, not sure how gen8/9? are. iirc the optical bay is half height23:19
jaegerthe gen8 looks like 4+1 as well with the +1 being the optical drive or 2.5"23:20
frinnst4 ahci + 1 sata/ide thingy23:20
jaegerI was just looking at them out of curiosity, might be a decent choice for a small ZFS server or a couple more ESXi servers to make a lab23:20
frinnsti believe the hardware for the +1 is the same as the 4 drives and people have hex'ed the bios to run ahci on the +123:21
jaegerfigures, heh23:21
frinnstyeah, they are quite capable23:21

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