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RomsterteK_, jaeger jue frinnst pitillo rmull  and everyone else, when you upgrade to crux 3.2 and again when you upgrade gcc to 5.3, you must rebuild /all/ your packages as revdep does not detect internal ABI changes to binaries and libraries01:25
Romsteri even jsut found now that readline needed rebuilding for python to use it. and revdep did not detect this. as it's not a broken ldd link01:25
Romsterbut a internal change in structure.01:26
Romstersure therye is some tools to check for /some/ ABI incompatibilities between gcc versions, but i don't think it covers all.01:26
jaegerman, I can't win with the cron jobs.03:27
jaegerDec 28 21:00:01 ragnarok crond[28286]: (/opt/sbin/isoci) ERROR (getpwnam() failed)03:27
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jaegerfrinnst: getting the black lxdm screen on my laptop again, even with sysconfdir specified... hrmm05:43
jaegernever mind, tweaked the config and fixed it05:45
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jue_Romster: you know that gcc got a new version schema starting with 5.0? 5.3 is a bugfix only release which is of course ABI/API compatible to 5.208:31
frinnstyeah you dont *need* to rebuild everything. I still havent rebuilt everything on my desktop since i upgraded08:37
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Romsterwelp i had readline-32 that was broken for python-3210:05
Romsteri just recompiled everything to be damn sure10:06
frinnstjue did some changes with ncurses recently, maybe that broke readline?10:23
Romsterhmm i dunno11:09
Romsterrecompiling fixed it though11:09
frinnstyeah sounds like ncurses. its a bitch to package and we did a hack to workaround a bug in crux 3.1. but that hack turned out to cause some problems of its own so we removed the symlink just before xmas11:26
Romsteri wasn't aware that got edited11:29
Romsteri'll have a look at that.11:31
Romsteri have a tool in romster/pkg-not that is actually sepens script that will say what files are not part of the database11:33
Romsteri don't see a issue with ncurses11:37
Romsterprobably because the symlinks are in the build()11:44
frinnstno, not any more11:49
Romsterpkg-not /usr/lib11:53
Romsteri'm not seeing it11:53
frinnstit was fixed in 3.1 so it was probably unrelated to your issue11:53
frinnstso nevermind :D11:53
frinnst(I have now had some coffee)11:54
Romsteryeah red hearing11:55
Romsterred herring*11:56
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frinnstfindutils 4.6.0.. some incompatible changes20:17
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frinnsthaha tek, whats this from? disks?22:31
jaegerseemed appropriate :)22:38
teK_- Fix bad configure script test which didn't work with dash shell, patch from Juergen Daubert, broke in 2015.7023:53
teK_updating, nevertheless :>23:54

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