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Romster[contrib.git/3.2]: libfm: dropped unmaintained port but prologic has a port in contrib that depends on it -_-00:56
Romsterprologic, ^00:56
jaegerI banned that guy temporarily for being a douche, maybe it needs to be permanent00:57
Romsteri dunno jsut don't help him if he isn't gonna be nice.00:58
Romsterhe'll either learn to be nice or end up leaving on his own accord.00:58
jaegeror he'll stick around being a massive troll :P00:58
Romsterthen ban him if he does.00:58
jaegerI put him on ignore quite a while back00:59
Romsteri might of been a bit mean then, but hell he needed a wake up call. i think.00:59
jaegerhe's a dick, it's not just you00:59
Romsteri treat them as they treat others and me.00:59
Romsterand it's almost 2016 whats the new years resolution?01:00
groovy2shoesmore comprehensive documentation?01:00
groovy2shoesthe docs that are there are solid, but they don't cover everything01:01
groovy2shoesas for me, I signed up for a gym membership today... my new year's resolution is to get fit01:01
jaegerI suspect he will be of zero benefit to any part of the crux community and we would not suffer for banning him from the channel01:03
Romsteryou are probably right.01:06
Romsteri'm just not gonna pay him much attention now. and work on my stuff in this 37C heat :P01:06
Romster80F 27C inside currently.01:07
Romsteri can handle this but i expect it'll get hotter.01:07
Romsterjaeger, hmm i am thinking how would could i get a post-recive hook from to run a url from one of my servers so i can trigger a git fetch and trigger a automatic docker container build of last commit?01:09
Romsterwould that be something you devs would be ok with adding?01:09
Romsterinstead of me polling every x hours on crux.nu01:09
Romsteri haven't fully setup yet but i am working on it.01:10
jaegersomething like having the hook hit a REST API endpoint to trigger a job on your end?01:10
Romsterand i'll end up working on html pages of logs for pass/fail that the packagers can look at and fix any issues.01:11
Romsteri am setting up a build farm at home. and i can setup a path on to trigger it.01:12
jaegersounds ok to me01:12
Romsterit would be minimal network load.01:13
Romsterjust as long if it times out it don't hold up the scripts. setting a timeout period to be certain it wont hang.01:14
Romsteri'm still working on it but i think that's the best way to automate package building/testing for compile time breakage.01:14
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Romsterjaeger, i changed my mind ban evil_shibe permanently02:10
groovy2shoesis evil_shibe PMing anyone else?02:17
Romsterdid he pm you too groovy2shoes ?02:20
groovy2shoesalthough not quite as nasty as the PM he sent you02:20
Romsterevil_shibe> you must support crux for me FOR FREE like idiot hue hue02:20
Romster<evil_shibe> you work FOR FREE and FOR me, understand it, idiot02:20
Romster<evil_shibe> where are you from?02:20
Romsteri guess to be expected, i did go off at him02:20
groovy2shoes<evil_shibe> where are you from?02:21
groovy2shoes<groovy2shoes> my mother's womb02:21
groovy2shoes<evil_shibe> ...02:21
groovy2shoes<evil_shibe> kid02:21
jaegerI think at this point he's just around to be an asshole02:24
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prologicFYI there may be a slight lag in irc logs from irclogger; I'm decommissiong my Codero server. There'll be another bot joining shortly so hopefully there'll be no loss in logs actually08:50
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frinnstRomster: I dropped libfm since it has been orphaned for over a year and has open tickets regarding it11:07
frinnstif someone has a port that depends on libfm it would be in that persons interest to either adopt libfm himself or make sure someone else maintains it11:07
frinnstthis port-rot it starting to piss me off :-)11:08
jaegerwow, he took it to racism... what a douche14:52
jaegernice to see my opinion of him validated, I guess14:53
pitillolot of patience... yesterday there were something simliar and he was here yet14:54
jaegerHe's on my ignore list but I can see he was talking shit in the logs14:57
pitilloI have it since yesterday night when I saw what he was saying... today I've seen the talk and I knew he was in the middle...14:59
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dlcusaIt seems like the trash-talker is a poorly designed AI, not a human.15:46
jaegercould be, heh15:47
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pitillohey teK_, can you change default branch (gitweb) for enlightenment repository to 3.2 please?16:04
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