IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-01-02

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nomiusI think there's a versioning bug with libdevmapper05:11
nomiusShouldn't it be the same version than lvm2?05:12
Romsterno it's got a VERSION_DMMAPPER file in the lvm2 archive05:52
Romsterit's just bundled with the lvm2 sources05:53
nomiusThanks for clarifying Romster :-)05:59
Romsterno problem nomius i'm close to lvm2 stuff if you have any other questions06:04
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jaegerteK_: valgrind in 3.2 needs an update, the version in opt doesn't compile with glibc 2.22. valgrind 3.11.0 is available15:34
jaeger... and it seems to work fine15:43
jaegera version bump and footprint update are necessary15:43
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jaegerwell, don't if you don't want to :P19:45
teK_ACTION mehs at himself20:12
teK_I have no access to my ck4up.conf atm (hardware was donated to a good cause i.e. my son, replacing his broken HW which, as it turned out hours later, was a pooched Windows installation)20:13
teK_fuck Windows. Seriously.20:14
teK_It wouldnt stop bluescreening on boot even after _everything_ but the HDD was switched to my stuf :P20:15
teK_I'm a nerd, this must have been the christmas eve of my dreams, right?20:15
jaegerhehe, indeed20:15
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teK_btw.. any objections against using letsencrypt for
frinnstnope, its epic22:02
teK_pitillo: I even found a script auto-reapplying for a new cert before invalidity22:02
frinnstI got a mail a few weeks ago stating that 4 certificates had been renewed :)22:03
teK_from them?22:03
frinnstyeah i made my own.. 3 lines per domain more or less22:03
jaegerNo objection here. I'm using it for as well22:03
frinnstno, email from my cronjob :)22:03
jaegerI haven't set up any automation yet, though22:03
frinnstlooks like mine but with extra checks and verbosity :-)22:06
frinnstI should say "sanity checks" - i never use sanity checks22:07
frinnstsanity is for the weak!22:07
teK_sanity is for wussies22:07
teK_yeah :D22:07
frinnstbrute force ftw22:08 – we are srs bsns!22:08
frinnstbtw facebook calls their 3rd world facebook access "internet basics"22:09
frinnstcan we sue?22:09
teK_damn those infringers22:09
teK_Roelof will be ENRANGED22:10
frinnstbtw - netflix's "making a murderer"22:10
frinnstholy shit..22:11
teK_I recently started  bojack.horseman22:14
teK_wtf, too :D22:14
teK_(btw internet still is shitty here, credentials _are_ in preparation though)22:14
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teK_pitillo: done (wrt gitweb)23:07

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