IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-01-03

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pitillothank you very much teK_10:10
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juefrinnst, jaeger: have you played with iptables 1.6 already?16:30
frinnstnope, havent really done anything this holiday16:30
frinnstand it was everything i expected it not to be :D16:31
jueok, I guess the only valid option we have right now is to build it without the nfttables compatibility stuff (--disable-nftables)16:32
jueor we have to add a couple of other libraries16:33
juewhich is not really an option IMO16:34
jueat all 1.6 works wihtout issues for me, but would be nice if you can give it a try as well16:39
jaegerI haven't yet, been pretty busy16:40
jueof course dependent stuff, which is only iproute2 from core/opt/xorg, have to be rebuild because of a change in the so-name16:42
juebut iproute2 seems not critical, only tc/ is linked against iptables16:45
frinnstman.. fuck winter17:19
frinnsti think my battery is dying in my car17:19
frinnstjust managed to start it.. took a deep breath before i turned the key :)17:19
frinnstwas warned during my last service the battery was flat.. but they charged it and it seemed to hold the charge alright17:20
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frinnstyeah a simple notify should be enough17:23
frinnstbtw I think we should change gcc: --with-pkgversion="CRUX-x86_64-multilib" <- guess it could be confusing since we dont have any other version than multilib :)17:24
nomiusAre you guys going to keep supporting multilib for much longer?17:25
frinnstwhat do you mean?17:25
frinnstits the only version we do support :)17:26
nomiusI mean dropping multilib support...17:27
nomiusJust maintain 64bits ONLY17:28
frinnstwe dont plan on doing that17:28
frinnstwhile I personally dont like 32bit crap the price of supporting it is so low that it would be silly not to17:28
jaegeryeah, I see no benefit to dropping multilib17:50
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frinnstI was just refering to the pkgversion in gcc.. just call it crux or crux x86_6418:47
frinnst(to make it clear)18:47
jaegerYeah, that's fine19:53
jaegerI meant multilib support19:53
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