IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-01-04

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prologicwee finally installed CRUX 3.208:27
prologicnot on my desktop though :)08:27
prologicin a little 2GB/1CPU VM08:27
jueprologic: our logger seems broken, the latest available log is from 2016-01-0109:29
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frinnstjue: nftables requires stuff like libnftnl, libmnl right? anything else?14:15
frinnstwonder if we could/should package them with the iptables port. perhaps not now, but in the future14:15
frinnstexternal libs that are only required by one thing is soooo annoying14:16
frinnsti use nftable rules on my workstation at work (for fun)14:16
frinnstthe syntax is supposed to be more friendly but im not sure I agree with that just yet14:17
frinnstwhy not just steal the ios or vyetta syntax ?14:18
frinnstvyatta might be the correct name. im too focused on icecream :)14:18
prologicjue: could be dns :) What does resolve to for you?15:25
prologicjue: Oh :) I know what it is15:25
prologicthe raw logs are ther but not the html15:25
prologicI'll fix it15:26
juefrinnst: right, at least those two libs15:58
frinnstdo you have a port without nftable support that I can test?16:02
jueI'd suggest to commit iptables 1.6.0 without any external changes now and decide later what we will do with nftables16:02
jueno, I'll leave it to you to create/test one ;)16:03
juebtw, did you run in any problems with new findutils?16:03
frinnstworks just fine16:06
frinnst <- footprint changes fyi16:06
frinnstand now to reload my rules.. :)16:06
frinnstguess im still here?16:06
jueyeah :)16:07
frinnstah, i already have libnfnetlink installed so iptables detected that16:10

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