IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-01-05

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frinnstprologic: logs still broken fyi13:43
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prologicfrinnst: sorry :) you know what it's like between work, family, etc :)15:20
prologicI'll add it to my todo list for toniht15:20
frinnstno worries15:53
prologichmm thought I could quickly do a manual run of irclog2html from work15:59
prologicbut that's not so trivial :)15:59
prologictonight then15:59
prologicI'll fix it proper15:59
jaegerfrinnst: do you remember anything about a vmware 5.5 and 6.0 psod bug we talked about a whjle back? Like months ago16:52
frinnsthm, yeah. what was that about again?17:12
frinnstthe snapshot thing, or was it something else?17:13
frinnstI havent paid much attention to 6.0 since there has been so many issues17:14
jaegerwish I could remember. I'm guessing it's fixed by now but was trying to find it18:20
jaegerfrinnst: I think it might have been
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frinnstyeah thats the one i ment20:31
frinnsthave you come across it?20:31
jaegerno, a coworker was asking about it though20:31
frinnstah.. btw you have the patience of a saint in #crux :-)20:32
frinnsti got fed up 2 days ago or whatever it was20:32
jaegerI will meet my threshold eventually, hehe20:42
frinnstim starting to get the feeling that everyone that experience major wierd problems in #crux are doing really silly shit20:44
frinnstwithout knowing what they are doing20:44
frinnstand then not tell us about it when they ask for support20:45
frinnstlike that guy that uninstalled dash and then complained that everything stopped working20:45
jaegeryeah, I definitely get that impression in a few cases20:45
frinnsti've also noticed i'm getting more and more cranky.. guess i'm just an old fart these days :-)20:46
frinnst <- stuff like this calms me down though! :D20:47
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jaegerindeed :)20:49
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frinnstpro tip:
frinnstseems very awesome20:52
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jaegerthis guy really likes to bring up random stuff and not answer questions21:32
frinnsthehe yeah21:52
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