IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-01-06

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prologicI think I fixed the logs06:25
prologichad to upgrade the stupid VM :)06:25
prologicapparently 512MB ain't enough06:25
prologicI'll see if the generated logs get updated before going to bed06:25
prologicshould be */506:25
prologicautodockcron_1 | 2016-01-06 06:35:27,177 - root - INFO - Scheduler triggered start for CronExpression("*/5 * * * * 7527762267")06:36
prologicwhoo :)06:36
prologicseems to be working06:36
prologicis every 5m enough of an update? :)06:36
Romsteri don't see why not08:20
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prologicgreat :)16:00
prologicwell it seems to be working again anyway16:00
prologic2 service set of docker containers running on the autodock infrastructure16:00
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dlcusaprologic, *thank you* for restoring the IRC archives!18:23
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prologicdlcusa: you're welcome :)19:37
ileachHi there, I don't know if this is the right place  to mention this but libfm isn't in the 3.2 repository. Pcmanf seems to rely on it.19:42
frinnstdoh. I didnt find anything that depended on it in opt.. guess I never checked contrib21:24
frinnstanyways, nobody was maintaining libfm and bugs for it started to pile up21:24
frinnstlibfm had been orphaned for over a year so I assumed nobody cared about it21:25
frinnstACTION pokes the pcmanfm maintainer - prologic 21:26
prologicblah :)21:39
prologicI don't even use pcmacfm21:39
prologicguess I better start doing some port updates21:39
prologicpatches welcome!21:40
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ileachhi .. just was curious und try to build it . in the end   I just copied  libfm from  3.1 ports tree as there was no newer version it worked22:32
ileachdidn't  know libfm was in that bad state .. maybe  just I kick ist out22:37
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