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jaegerHaven't tried anything like that02:03
Worksterhow would it work without that?02:14
Workstereudev that is02:14
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frinnststatic /dev ?10:06
jueprologic: sorry to say, but the logs are broken again ;)10:40
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prologicjue: you mean the web server frontend?15:59
prologicerr backend15:59
prologicfark it is too15:59
prologictiming out :/15:59
prologicrestarted (again) for now16:02
nomiusfrinnst: yes or mdev... With systemd and kdbus, it would be harder for the eudev folks to keep pulling udev into eudev and eventually eudev could just die... So I'm looking at alternatives...17:19
nomiusDunno if anyone had thought on this already...17:19
frinnstwhen/if eudev dies ill just throw out my computers and move into the woods18:42
NomiusYou scary man :-P19:23
teK_nah, the alternatives are scary19:23
teK_is there any meaningful cli tool for managing SSH keys?19:24
frinnsthavent really looked at that tek, but let me know if you find something useful19:51
teK_I could pack all kees in a PW-protected keepass file19:54
frinnstkees? KEES?!19:54
teK_+ some wrappers around keepass to auto extract everything19:54
teK_? :)19:55
teK_s/keepass file/encrypted container19:55
frinnstI could pack all *kees* in a PW-protected keepass file19:55
frinnstsilly boy19:55
teK_just deleted a Mail from kees cook19:56
teK_they have been spamming the kernel-hardening ML quite a lot19:56
teK_dancng all around the awesome stuff grsec has done19:56
frinnst"How to Configure sudo Elevation and SSH Keys"19:57
teK_oooh that's gonna be good :D19:58
teK_this is alien tech :>19:59
teK_NOPASSWD.. of course. I will use this link from now on, if some newbie asks for these kinds of things20:00
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teK_thx frinnst wrt ntp.20:14
teK_do NOT ask how I pulled my crux ssh keys to this machine to be able to do the commit20:14
teK_btw did anyone notice our switch to the LE cert at :}20:15
groovy2shoesnot I20:15
groovy2shoesI suppose that's a good thing20:16
teK_I have to figure out an automated way to renew the cert but it won't be easy because of dependecies..20:16
teK_maybe I will do the requests with another host20:17
frinnstteK_: yeah i did notice that! :)20:17
teK_one day late, though20:18
frinnstbtw young'ens like to put their dotfiles up on github20:19
frinnstperhaps you could do the same with your .ssh dir? :D20:19
frinnstit would simplify moving them from one computer to another20:20
frinnstACTION has the greates ideas!20:20
teK_even simpler.. I switch back to passwords and put these on gh20:20
teK_problem solved.  The final level would be to use one PW for all hosts etc.20:20
frinnsti like how some people host their keepass db's on public sites20:21
frinnst"its encrypted so its safe"20:21
frinnst.. for now20:21
teK_what could possibly go wrong20:22
frinnsthmm.. passkey bruteforce? whats that?20:22
jaegerteK_: yeah, noticed it :) works great20:29
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deus_exfrinnst: were there any big changes in harfbuzz-1.1.3?23:11
deus_exsomwthing that would explain libreoffice crashing?23:11
jaegerif (libreoffice) then crash();23:14
jaeger(I have no idea)23:14
deus_exwhen I downgraded harfbuzz to 1.1.2, LO works fine.Weird.23:16
deus_exI'll open the bug, along with backtrace and excerpt from dmesg log.23:18
deus_exION, I finally finished (for 'ItWorksForMe' value of 'finished') my virtualisation repo, with libvirt and bunch of other things.23:21
teK_the thing is.. what am I supposed to do about it :)23:21
jaegerget mad! make like take the lemons back!23:21
teK_there's .423:22
teK_not getting mad tonight :}23:22
teK_ok wtf23:24
teK_deus_ex: expect an update withing 20-30m from now23:25
teK_slow inet is slooow23:25
pedjateK_: OK :)23:25

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