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teK_there's a file 'bob' in my home dir00:09
teK_not appearing min my shell history and not downloaded by browser for sure00:09
teK_it says00:10
teK_i am going to be your friend00:10
teK_im a captor00:10
teK_I am scared now00:10
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rmulllooking forward to a libreoffice fix04:23
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frinnstfredrik@hypnotoad:~$ soffice08:14
frinnstApplication Error08:14
frinnstI dont have git access from here, can someone else revert opt 8bc2ee0372c3be3f5457dbb1843a496d66353062 ?08:16
juefrinnst: sure, will do09:11
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teK_rmull: so the new push didnt fix things I suppose20:03
frinnstteK_: the harfbuzz issue has been reverted20:04
frinnstso no worries20:04
teK_ah, I did not check the revert20:04
frinnsti'll poke around and see what I can find20:04
teK_great. libreoffice is a binary package so I am not eft with too many choices any way20:04
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frinnstyeah. Im confident its a harfbuzz issue20:11
teK_good (for me) :X20:11
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frinnstholy fuck, yeti imperial stout 9.something%20:51
frinnstwhat a buzz20:51
frinnstyou americans sure know your craft beer20:51
teK_Do you happen to know "Bock"?20:52
teK_like EIsbock, Doppelbock etc.20:52
jaegerfrinnst: the yeti imperial stout got a 100 at ratebeer if I remember right20:53
teK_it has ~8-9% and you can get it in 1l units :D20:53
frinnstyeah its my current favourite at my local "systembolag"20:53
frinnstnope teK_, im afraid us swedes are quite limited in our options20:53
teK_what a pitty20:54
jaeger <-- got some of this in my fridge now :)20:54
frinnst <- is this the one tek?20:54
teK_for example20:55
jaegerthat's one of them. I'm a fan of Spaten Optimator, too20:55
frinnstclosest distance to that beer for me is ~140km20:55
teK_but Aying is in Munich (actually I take the train to aying to go to work :P)20:55
teK_there's a ... festivity... each year the sunday before Easter20:56
teK_in Adlersberg.. Palmator is the beer's name :}20:56
teK_You can also try the Humorator from Hacklberg20:56
frinnstselected stores: All of sweden20:56
teK_where's globalisation, when you need it20:57
teK_Palmator Anstich is awesome..20:58
frinnstbtw. you can order a lot of beer in sweden via "systembolaget". you can order one bottle and it will probably be a minimum delivery of a case or something to your local shop. do you want to know what they do with the rest of the bottles that you didnt order?20:58
teK_ <20:58
teK_throw them out20:58
teK_oh gawd20:58
teK_crimes against humanity20:58
teK_where's AI, when you need them20:59
jaegerfrinnst: :D20:59
frinnstyeah! and sucks for consumers! a few years ago they would put them up for sale. so you could get awesome beer that someone ordered20:59
teK_The nice thing about Adlersberg is, that you are leaving the train, then go 30 minutes by bus and then up the hill another 30 minutes.. then you are thirsty af and you can pour the 8% beer while eating a ox' meat in a roll <321:00
frinnstfuck you tek!21:00
teK_sonunds like a sane idea21:00
frinnstand your liberal/normal views on beer21:00
teK_wtf :D21:00
teK_what did I do wrong now21:00
frinnstthat would probably result in a hefty fine/prison sentance in sweden21:00
frinnstfor someone to offer something that epic to the public21:00
teK_come to Regensburg the week before Easter and I'll show/invite you21:01
frinnst(not really, obviously) :)21:01
teK_up the hill.. there's a group of young lads pushing a mobile grill plaing helene fischer at maximum volume.. I never saw them make it to the top/brewery :D21:01
frinnstsounds epic21:02
teK_it is. THe intoxication also is21:03
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