IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-01-14

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Romsterdo i have to also revert harfbuz-32 and harfbuzz-icu too?06:52
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frinnstnot sure, probably not09:41
frinnstas far as I know only libreoffice had problems09:41
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juelooks like a serious ssh bug ->
jaegerkinda funny too16:19
jueyeah, indeed16:20
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Workstersepen doesn't get the point on and it's closed now. it's not just skype, it's audio/video on qt4 for a number of ports listed in the comments. i don't feel comfortable adding qt4 to compat-32 for skype and it still wont cover other 64bit ports. I'll just go with a README and ever forget a straight depinst is ever possible.23:27
Worksterand still lists gst-plugins-base-compat on qt4 and still is a version behind on 4.8.6 that is broken on gstreamer and qt4 4.8.7 is working with gstreamer.23:31
Worksteri'll email him later.23:31

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