IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-01-15

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frinnstsmplayer works fine without qt4 linked with gst, for what its worth08:05
jueprologic: the logs ...12:20
juefrinnst: mesa 11.1.1 works fine for me, objections if I commit the update?12:23
jueor better, could you try 11.1.1 with ati, please?12:30
frinnstnope, go for it. Iirc i already run that branch at home13:02
jueok, thx13:07
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rmullThere is something wrong with either the contrib/bind port or prt-get, I think.14:22
rmullI use a system with libressl instead of openssl, which I know is unsupported. I think this is why my contrib/bind is failing. Here's the log:
rmullThat said, a package is still generated at the conclusion of the build.14:23
rmullIt isn't recorded in the db, though14:24
rmullHere are the contents of the built package:
rmullShouldn't the make stage fail at the linker error, and abort the pkgbuild?14:25
rmullAnd just to clarify, I don't want bind installed, I just want to clarify this type of "fail but succeed" error14:26
rmullActually, it looks like if make && make install are broken into two separate lines, it works correctly as expected14:28
rmullIt fails and doesn't assemble the package14:28
rmullSo there is something going on with the `&&` and the actual error codes that are returned14:29
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orgamastronHi, having problems installing cruxppc on ibook g4 PowerPC, boot promt, but partition problem14:31
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prologicjue: thanks15:39
prologicjue: how's that?16:13
prologicswapped out the web backend for nginx16:13
prologicnfi why the other backend kept dieing (seemedly)16:14

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