IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-01-16

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prologicman this sucks :)01:24
prologicI tried to fix the web logs this morning01:25
prologicand the stupid vm oomed01:25 is useful02:40
frinnstand free of charge for a couple of hosts02:40
*** __mavric6 has joined #crux-devel03:49
prologicfrinnst: not sure how that would have helped in this case :)06:31
prologicI had to go into the city to renew my passport :)06:31
prologicNothing I could have done :)06:31
prologicI did think however; "damnit I should have brought my laptop!"06:32
prologicDoesn't look to be free :)06:33
frinnsthmm, looks like solarwinds has bought them12:05
frinnstit used to be free :(12:05
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