IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-01-19

prologicfrinnst: ahh02:08
prologicoh well nevermind :)02:08
prologicfrinnst: tbh I actually haven't found (and still in need) of a decent monitoring system that isn't a complex beast to setup and use02:09
prologicjue: I assume the irclogs app has been fine?02:12
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dlcusaThis is not just another day:
NomiusThanks dlcusa18:19
frinnstI've asked if they will roll a 2.22.1 release but i really doubt it :-)18:49
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frinnst"We currently lack the infrastructure to do minor releases effectively.21:09
frinnstIt's not that we don't want to do minor releases, ever, it's just that21:10
frinnstno one has volunteered to cut them.21:10
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frinnstcherry-picking it is then21:10
frinnsttoo late for me, i'll do it tomorrow evening unless someone beats me to it21:11
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