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prologicI came across  this last night in my "search for a decent non-sane/non-complex monitoring"03:06
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jueprologic: yeah, logging works again, thanks08:04
jueprologic: btw, I like contrib/monit, it's very easy to setup and has a nice, but optional, web interface08:07
prologicmonit eh?08:14
prologicisn't that for restarting things and monitoring daemons?08:14
prologicrather than general more wide-scale monitoring?08:14
juenot only, you can monitor http in several ways08:20
juebut I don't now what you exactly need, so I might be wrong ;)08:21 is pretty nice if you just want icmp monitoring08:51
frinnstalso very free08:51
frinnst~$# start monitoring your server with a single curl command.08:52
frinnst[ ok ] Ping alert created for host '' and email ''. Check your email to activate it.08:52
frinnstshinken looks really nice for our infrastructure. seems to offer more or less what i'd require09:01
frinnstsounds overkill to use to just monitor a http server though :)09:01
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frinnst coreutils NEWS14:37
prologicfrinnst: I have more than just *one* http service to monitor :)15:18
prologicbut yeah I like the looks/feel of shinken15:18
frinnstwe currently use zenoss to monitor our internal stuff15:19
prologicI should checkout too though for basic "host up?" monitoring though :) since it's FREE et all :)15:19
juefrinnst: I've used the snapshots of coreutils already and now 8.25, seems to work fine17:01
frinnstsorry im completely exhausted so no glibc cherry-picking for me this evening17:48
frinnstnot a single calm moment at work17:48
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