IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-01-25

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teK_frinnst: I used the static web page10:15
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frinnsthmm.. trying to make our iso and a vfat/ntfs partition coexist on the same usb stick21:21
frinnst(parted) print21:21
frinnst 2      23.4MB  25.5MB  2097kB  primary               esp21:21
frinnstthats all that shows.. windows doesnt see much more either21:21
groovy2shoesfrinnst, you mean as two separate partitions?21:34
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groovy2shoesfrinnst, looks to me like Windows will only try to mount the first partition on the disk22:06
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groovy2shoeswell, I can get Windows to recognize the FAT partition, but I can't get it to boot even with an EFI system partition :/22:46
frinnstyeah, 2 (or 3) partitions with one being a windows read/writeable part23:27
frinnstbut it seems that no manager see any partition other than the esp23:27
frinnstpart manager*23:27
jaegervery weird... what's the whole output from parted's print on it?23:31
frinnstits like the actual iso9660 fs is not on a partition23:34
jaegerI've never seen parted miss a partition before unless the table is corrupted23:34
frinnstfdisk sees more23:34
jaegerwith that said, UEFI needs GPT23:34
frinnstyeah im not sure whats going on23:36
jaegerisohybrid creates GPT layouts that aren't quite proper (tm) so if you're trying to make a custom thing where you can have the ISO plus the other vfat or ntfs partition, I'd suggest doing it manually23:39
frinnstyeah probably a good idea. anyways zzz-time23:40

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