IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-01-27

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jueRomster: would be really nice to have a slim ffmpeg port, I'm currently using frinnst' depend-on-nothing port which works just fine for me10:30
jueRomster: but I have no idea about the whole video stuff, so I cannot say what is important and what not10:31
jueRomster: to be clear I must add "with firefox"10:33
frinnstbiggest problem with my port is that you will have a loooot of "NEW" foorprint issues for more or less all users11:02
frinnstand I really dont know much about the whole video stuff either :) the only thing I use that uses video besides firefox is mplayer11:03
frinnstand that is very self-contained11:03
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juewell, I'm one off the users without footprint errors :)11:39
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frinnsti get this at work: MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/ffplay15:42
frinnst(and the manpages for ffplay)15:42
juefrinnst: just tested, you need libsdl for ffplay17:02
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frinnstah, cheers18:29
frinnstI wonder what breaks if I remove libsdl from my desktop at home18:29
frinnst :>18:30
frinnstah, qemu depends on it18:42
frinnstthere we are. no longer building the programs18:52
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