IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-01-28

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groovy2shoesfrinnst, did you ever get that USB stick to work?17:31
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teK_pitillo: yeah looking into it18:25
pitillothank you very much teK_ :)19:02
teK_no problem19:15
frinnsthavent had time to look at it19:19
teK_been sick all week; before that: been sick at Sixt and Easyjet all weekend etc.19:19
teK_the issue is, that the portdb script tries to pull enlightenment-3.2 via rsync but the script that syncs git with that directory was not updated19:22
deus_exyou're just about to push the openssl update to 1.0.2f and i am wasting your time as usual, right :) ?19:24
teK_pitillo: the easiest thing would be if you'd push something tiny, so the git hook is ran (with proper uid/gid/umask)19:24
teK_then, enlightenment will rise like a phoenix at around 7am CET19:25
teK_give or take my occasional tie zone confusion hour(s) :P19:25
teK_frinnst: push that darned thing already!!1119:25
pitillolet's touch a readme and force it19:26
teK_we'll see, if git fails, because the 3.2 dir isnot there yet ;)19:26
frinnstpush what?19:27
frinnstoh joy19:28
teK_DO IT19:28
teK_is it this time again? :>19:28
teK_first, pop deus_ex' box!119:28
teK_oh that's the best beginning for SAs19:28
teK_Historically OpenSSL usually only ever generated (...)19:29
teK_(...) and they lived happily ever after19:29
jaegeryou could run the git hook manually rather than push something small19:29
frinnsti've been stupidly busy for about 3 weeks now. never even had time to browse boobs at work19:29
teK_jaeger: I know, but I have funky settings/groups etc. and it's just not worth it19:31
frinnstthough I did find this:
teK_no boobs at work? I feel with you19:31
deus_exnice painting19:31
teK_look at the niceley done wooden frame <319:32
teK_(frinnst now has the IP addresses of our supposedly unpatched systems)19:33
pitilloall fine teK_, thank you very much19:35
jaegerthat woman has no cat and no friend, her imitation needs work!19:36
jaegerteK_: bah :P19:39
teK_I didnt do anything!19:39
frinnstbeer o' clock i think19:41
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