IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-01-29

jaegerdbus-32 doesn't seem to build without X, so question - do we prefer building it with --without-x or adding libx11-32 to its deps? I think without x is probably preferred01:37
jaegeropt/dbus seems to link against libx1101:39
jaegerso I think what's happening is that dbus-32 sees libx11 installed and tries to link it but it fails since it's 64-bit01:39
jaeger(sorry, I shouldn't say "I think", this is what's happening)01:40
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frinnstyeah I think that has happened with a couple of other ports08:18
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frinnstthere might be a race condition in tzdata:
jueoh, could you try it with -j1 please?15:53
juebtw, works for me on 3 different boxes :(15:53
frinnstoh, managed to reproduce it after 4 attempts16:13
frinnstbtw I use -j7 by default16:14
frinnstyeah unable to reproduce with -j116:15
jueok, thanks for testing16:15
jueadded -j116:16
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