IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-01-31

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frinnstdidnt you hit this one?13:33
jaegeryeah, that's the one14:31
jaegerI think it probably makes the most sense to add xorg-libx11-32 to the dbus-32 deps...14:41
groovy2shoesthe URL in the httpup Pkgfile is broken16:11
groovy2shoesnot the source URL, the homepage URL16:11
groovy2shoescontrib/gajim is *really* old16:39
frinnstgajim is orphaned16:41
groovy2shoesI'll add a new port to my repo, then, later today16:42
groovy2shoesfrinnst, did you ever get that USB stick working?16:42
groovy2shoesI could get windows to recognize my fat partition, but I couldn't get it to boot even with an ESP16:43
frinnsthavent tried16:44
groovy2shoesoh shit, lilo was discontinued last month16:45
groovy2shoesthat's a shame16:45
groovy2shoesoh damn, I didn't realize elilo has been unmaintained for over a year now16:47
groovy2shoesI feel like now with UEFI, lilo is even more attractive than grub since UEFI has a boot manager built in, and all you need now is a loader16:47
groovy2shoesoh, well16:48
groovy2shoeschallenge accepted16:51
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frinnsttesting pixman 0.34.0 - no abi changes19:29
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