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Romsterjaeger, sure01:28
Romsteri don't fully understand how that stuff works to be honest.01:29
Romsterapart from the dtd's stuff01:29
jaegerI don't fully know how it works either, I've just played with it enough that it works for me (tm)01:32
Romsterall i've been doing and i've looked at so many distros how they do it.01:35
groovy2shoesI really wish people wouldn't use docbook01:36
groovy2shoesespecially not for manpages01:36
groovy2shoeswriting manpages by hand is so simple, no need to draw in so much garbage to do it01:37
Romsteri used txt2man for revdep man page01:38
Romsterbut then i kept the generated man page for the package01:39
Romsterit's not a option if you want pdf html as well as man though01:39
groovy2shoessure it is01:39
groovy2shoesgroff can output html and pdf01:40
groovy2shoesso can mandoc01:40
groovy2shoesafaict, txt2man doesn't use docbook, so I'll let it slide ;)01:41
Romsterthat's a reason why i used txt2man01:42
Romstermade it a little quicker to write01:42
groovy2shoesI just write them in mdoc and use mandoc -Tlint to check them01:43
groovy2shoesmandoc's man pages are excellent, and include a complete reference for mdoc01:43
Romsterguess i can look at that sometime01:45
groovy2shoesthe number of packages that use asciidoc->docbook->xmlto->xsltproc->man is too high01:45
groovy2shoesand way too complicated for a 2 page document01:45
groovy2shoesand half the time that shit doesn't even work right01:45
Romsteryeah tell me about it. if it was only i few i would of nuked docbook01:45
groovy2shoesthis document helped me out when I was first learning to write man pages:
groovy2shoestutorial introduction to mdoc, but keeping mandoc's mdoc(7) handy is good, too01:46
Romstermore importantly it's in core01:48
groovy2shoesmandoc is?01:48
Romsteror not that's a directory not a binary oops01:49
groovy2shoesI've got a port for it in baguette if you're interested01:49
groovy2shoesit also comes with its own implementations of man, apropos, etc, that I've renamed mman, mapropos, etc.01:49
Romstersounds like effort.01:50
groovy2shoesbut `mandoc -Tlint foo.1` will tell you anything and everything wrong or out-of-the-ordinary with your man page01:50
Romsteri still got to finish off striping ffmpeg and move it to opt, and resync compat-3201:50
groovy2shoesit wasn't that bad... it's got a "configure.local" where you can tell it what to name all the binaries01:50
Romsterit sounds good but i got more pressing things that need doing first01:53
groovy2shoessorry, I just discovered it a few months ago and I like it so much that I practically feel like an evangelist lol01:54
Romsteri'm not saying it's bad but i do have stuff to catch up on before i even consider looking at01:55
groovy2shoesI think a lot of people just assume that writing man pages is going to be difficult or obscure... I know I did01:56
groovy2shoesI was looking at options to generate them before I even considered writing them directly01:57
groovy2shoesbut my experience with maintaining ports that generated them made me reconsider01:57
groovy2shoesand the mdoc language is actually pretty sane01:57
groovy2shoesnot perfect, but then nothing is01:57
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