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jaegerman, some users lately have come up with really weird shit21:35
teK_must be the advanced advanced stuff, they are having troubles with21:36
teK_I am lacking the patience21:37
jaegerWhat I don't get is why someone encounters something that they don't immediately understand and automatically thinks "holy shit, crux is broken"21:38
jaegerbecause yeah, we would certainly have an intentionally broken pkgrm in pkgutils. that makes sense.21:38
teK_because that's how other distros roll? :P21:38
teK_just unfucked python 2.7 vs. 3.4 on my gentoo box21:39
teK_.. already reinstalling 3.4 in parallel :D21:39
crash_beacuse something is not working there way doesn't mean it's broken.21:39
teK_and I just realized that I have never watched Jurassica Park, the movie21:39
jaegercrash_: yeah, though the tendency to blame us is what annoys me21:40
teK_blaming takes a certain level of cognitive abilities. I doubt these21:40
crash_teK_: i have never watched jurrasica pakers movies either, but jurassic park :P21:41
teK_hahaha :D21:41
teK_got me21:41
teK_I want to see that photoshop happening NOW21:41
teK_that's actually a transvestite artist's name21:42
crash_hehe :)21:43
jaegerhow odd, heh21:43
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crash_actually i don't want to see that photoshoped at all21:44
teK_I meant the sex and the city main cast and a mix of a tyrannosaurus and horse face with blonde, curly hair and a purse :>21:44
jaegerfrinnst: haha, nice21:45
frinnstwhy is it impossible to find usb type-c cables for humane prices?21:45
crash_teK_: Oh that is a better :)21:46
frinnststupid new tech21:46
frinnstand A to type C is like playing russian roulette21:47
crash_frinnst: you have a new phone?21:48
frinnstyeah nexus 5x21:48
frinnstbut i liked my nexus4 much more - this one is too big21:49
crash_nice, i'm still rocking my samsung S3 :)21:49
frinnsthaving tiny girly hands is a serious smartphone handicap21:49
crash_hehe my hands is pretty small too.21:50
frinnsti might get one of these:
crash_why can't samsung release newer androids for the s3 and i would be happy, maybe the phone is to slow either way21:52
frinnstnexus 4 doesnt get any new updates either21:52
crash_google should push out newer or is nexus 4 EOL?21:53
crash_i miss buttons on my phone like the super slim one21:54
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crash_+1 :)22:01
jaegerI like the size of my iphone 5s still but my galaxy s6 (work phone) is much more responsive22:07
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crash_ACTION havent touched iphone since i had a iphone 422:08
jaegerI'm not 100% in one camp or the other. Both kinds have their ups and downs22:10
crash_that is true, it's seems like iphone is a lot more stable?22:11
jaegerit hasn't really given me instability trouble but neither has the android one22:18
jaegerI've only had the android for a couple months, though, we'll see22:18
crash_the only draw back for me with iphone is that it needs itunes and i don't have any windows pc laying around.22:19
jaegerFair enough. I'm not a fan of itunes but yeah, it's required22:23
crash_i have a ipad mini, it does do updates with out itunes, and i think iphone does that too. but moving over files is another story :)22:24
jaegerYeah, it can do over-the-air updates22:25
jaegerhaving to use it right now to add a song I just bought to my iphone, heh22:32
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jaegerI use my iphone as my music source in the car so I end up doing that a lot22:35
crash_jaeger: by the way do you still provide updated crux isos? for 3.2 i mean22:35
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crash_thanks :)22:36
jaegerThey're automatically built every week now22:36
crash_is the kernel still on 4.1 at default?22:36
crash_i'm still using cd-player in my car, but i have a fm reciver/transmitter in the mail from :)22:39
crash_with BT22:40
jaegerIt's very rare that I use a CD these days22:42
jaeger <-- got one of these, pretty happy with it22:42
jaegersupports carplay and whatever the android thing is, etc.22:42
jaegermostly I just like the bluetooth music ability22:42
jaegerAnd I definitely wouldn't buy one at the regular price, heh. Got mine for far cheaper on sale22:43
crash_the pioneer looks awesome :)22:43
frinnstmy car thingy has support for sd cards22:44
frinnstso I have 16gb of mp3s with me at all times \o/22:44
crash_frinnst: that is better then cd :)22:44
jaegerthis thing has SD card support but I keep all my music on the phone anyway :)22:44
frinnstsilly germans.. they want something like 15k SEK for a bluetooth module for my car :(22:45
crash_i'm using cd-rw but sometimes it does not want to read it, so i need to put in and out until it works.22:45
frinnstits prepared with handsfree and everything - just the bluetooth thingy thats missing22:45
crash_15K SEK serious?22:46
frinnstyeah, last i checked22:46
frinnstwhen i bought the car in 201022:46
crash_that is to much22:46
crash_my car is from 2000 saab 9-322:46
frinnsttime for bed, have to patch a bunch of cisco asa's tomorrow \o/22:49
teK_sorry for being german :[22:49
frinnstyes, VW is all your fault tek22:49
jaegeryay, glad I don't have to mess with an ASA anymore22:49
jaegerthose were annoying22:50
teK_frinnst: no, I'm from Bavaria. BMW and Audi may be my fault22:50
frinnstwhat do you play with now jaeger? palo alto?22:51
jaegerI'm not in charge of that stuff at the new job but it seems we use arbor and juniper stuff22:52
jaegerAt the old job we used a palo alto as our main firewall and ASA as a VPN endpoint only... but it still annoyed me :D22:52
frinnstah.. well you are pretty busy if you have to mess with juniper too :)22:52
jaegeryeah, their recent remote access stuff had some people scrambling22:53
jaegerand fortinet, which we use for some VPN stuff22:53
jaegereveryone loses!22:53
frinnstwe have a bunch of remote customers using asa vpn22:53
frinnstso joy if a update fails.. just have to jump in a car and go fix it \o/22:53
teK_if you're company is just large enough, you have a bunch of these alltorgether22:53
jaegerours is pretty big, heh22:54
jaegercrash_: yes, still 4.1.x as it's the latest "longterm" version23:07
jaegerthough it needs to be updated from 4.1.13 to 4.1.17 to be current23:07
crash_jaeger: ok no problems i can updated it later manually, i'm thinking of trying the 4.4 LTS23:10
jaegerI've considered putting multiple kernels on the ISOs in the future but haven't actually tested or proofed anything yet23:12
crash_i see :)23:18
crash_do you have any plans of putting linux-firmware on the iso?23:18
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jaegerI don't have any preference, are there any licensing implications there?23:31
crash_they are nonfree though, i can install it afterwards from contrib either way.23:34
crash_some of them.23:34

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